Decoration with Mirrors for More Light and Space

Mirrors were once a sign of wealth and prosperity – today they are so cheap that anyone can use them as decorative elements. The decoration with mirrors creates space in small rooms, brings light into the apartment and, according to Feng Shui, should even allow the Chi to flow better. In this article you will find many tips and suggestions for furnishing with mirrors. Also see mirror wall clocks.

This is how you complement your interior with mirrors

Mirrors are available in all imaginable sizes, shapes and colors these days. The smallest mirror to set up in the bathroom, modern mirror tiles or huge wall mirrors – your options are almost unlimited. This is how you can turn mirrors into decorations that underline your personal furnishing style.

Mirrors are particularly good at making small rooms appear larger. Narrow hallways, for example, appear wider on the long sides thanks to wall mirrors. You lengthen short rooms optically by placing large mirrors on the narrow sides. In both cases it is important that the mirror does not disappear into a niche, otherwise the effect will be lost. You can even hang a mirror from the ceiling to suggest more height in low rooms.

Decoration with Mirrors for More Light and Space

Tip: You can also use mirrors as decoration in the corners of a room. It is best to use a large mirror to set it up. This has a decorative effect in itself and also makes the room appear larger.

Use mirror as wall decoration

You can now find many mirrors in stores that are real decorative wonders thanks to their workmanship. These mirrors have bold colored frames that make them look like bright suns or blooming flowers. Especially in metallic colors, they also complement your copper decoration wonderfully . There are also mirrors as wall decorations that look like windows and can even be “closed” with shutters.

Many small mirrors can be hung on the walls like a mosaic or placed on sideboards . Picture frames and mirrors, hung offset, put your most beautiful photos in the limelight. Last but not least, there are also mirror foils and tiles that you can attach in the bathroom, for example.

Of course, you can also decorate the mirror yourself, such as tendrils, flowers or stickers. String lights that you place around wall mirrors give off warm, indirect light and make the reflection look soft and harmonious.

Integrate mirrors into furniture

By using mirrors as a decoration for your furniture, you also save space and “hide” cabinets and shelves. The classic is a mirrored cabinet for the bathroom , but wardrobes with mirrored doors are also very popular. If you design your furniture yourself on, you can also choose mirror covers for shelves and in this way, for example, make a shelf under the stairs look particularly elegant.

Tips for furnishing with mirrors according to feng shui

The Chinese philosophy and theory of harmony Feng Shui also has clear rules for decorating with mirrors. If you want to use mirrors to direct the Chi properly, heed the following tips:

  • Avoid mirrors in the bedroom if you want to furnish your apartment according to feng shui. They bring restlessness into the room and can disturb sleep. If you don’t want to do without a mirror as a decoration, you can cover it with a cloth at night.
  • No mirrors opposite doors. According to feng shui, mirrors are supposed to reflect the Chi – so a visitor’s energy (or your own) would be “thrown out” again from a mirror opposite the door.
  • Use mirrors on stairs. This is how you direct the chi to the next floor and ensure a good flow of energy.

Whether with or without feng shui, the following always applies to decoration with mirrors: always pay attention to what can be seen in the mirror. After all, you want to bring as many pleasant sights into your everyday life as possible that have a positive effect on your mood.

Decoration with Mirrors for More Light and Space