Decorative Lamps

For a long time I neglected lighting in general and lamps in particular. I already knew what they were used for and that they were basically needed for setup , but I couldn’t imagine what to do with them.

In principle, lighting and light play a very important role in living and furnishing. Starting with daylight. This should be the largest light source in each room (as far as possible). That’s why you should be particularly careful not to block the windows in order to let in the sunlight that is important for our psyche and health. Also see decorative wall clocks.

Which light is best for which purpose?

Then I should ask myself the question: where do I need light? Where in the room do I do what? And which light is the right one for this? This means that I examine my own living and become aware of my habits. What am I actually doing in different places? I’ve planned to read on the couch, but am I really only watching TV there? Or do I actually work a lot more at the kitchen table than in my study because I find it more comfortable there? Checking your own living habits is very interesting and can lead to some surprises and helpful insights.

Decorative Lamps

There should be three lighting zones in each room, equipped with different light sources. On the one hand you need the light in the background, which illuminates the entire room. Then we need selective light, especially for working, reading or cooking. In other words, for all activities where we have to take a close look. And finally, we give the room character by accentuating a specific room situation with light . We also recommend special or unusual decorative lamps, which are eye-catchers on their own.

Which lamp do I need for what?

Lanterns are wonderful decorative elements. Copper is a well-chosen material color.

Wall lights are recommended as the basis for room lighting. They don’t get in the way and adapt to the space. Its soft background light provides a good basis for different types of lighting. Pendant lamps also spread even light. However, they also create shadows. You should definitely pay attention to this when positioning. For hanging lamps, I would strongly advise you to install a dimmer. This is easy and allows you to create many different lighting situations.

Recessed spotlights, also called spots, are particularly suitable for work surfaces or for the bathroom, i.e. actually for all areas where you need a good view. With floor and table lamps you should make sure that they are not too big for the respective room. They are ideal for creating a special indoor climate. So you can let your creativity run free.

Lamps with a joint are practical and often very stylish. These lamps, which can be used flexibly, can make work much easier, especially for desks or in the kitchen . Wherever you need good light for precise work, these lamps are ideal. Even if you find different lighting conditions, for example in the study, or you need different levels of light for different jobs, you are guaranteed to make the right choice with a lamp with a joint.

Pendant lights as a modern alternative

I think pendant lights are very nice for the dining area, as they can be individually adjusted in height and often also in length. This allows them to be perfectly adapted to the height and length of the dining table . Pendant lights are often also offered as LED lights and can be regulated in brightness as required. The two big advantages of LEDs are that they last a very long time and require very little power. So you can kill several birds with one stone.

I particularly like the idea of ​​indirect light. So from spotlights or lamps that are somewhat hidden and shine against a wall. This creates a special atmosphere, especially in areas where no work light is required. The living room and bedroom , for example, are very suitable for this. Even in large rooms, indirect lighting can create a pleasant and calming atmosphere. Lamps are all-rounders, they beautify the room with their light and in the best case with their design. Used correctly, they give every home the finishing touch.

Decorative Lamps