Delaware Public Schools by County

Agriculture and farming provide a not insignificant part of the state’s income. Delaware is a major poultry producer.

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Other resources include crops (potatoes), fruits (apples, nuts, melons), fish (crabs, sea trout) and oyster farming. The industry that has established itself in the ports of the Delaware Bay has for main industrial sectors the chemistry, the textile (synthetic textiles), the automobile construction, the agro-food (canning factory), the rubber industry and the plastic. Delaware is home to the powerful chemical firm DuPont de Nemours.

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Universities in Delaware

University of Delaware
The State University of Delaware in the city of Newark is the largest university in the state with approximately 20,000 enrolled students. The main campus is in Newark, but the university also maintains campuses in Dover, Georgetown, Lewes, and Wilmington. The university, founded in 1743, is one of the best state universities in the United States and is considered a public ivy. Due to their age, there are also numerous historic buildings on the campus. Examples are Dupont Hall or Memorial Hall. The latter dates from 1925 and has long served as the university library.


Delaware State University

Delaware State University, founded in 1891, is located in the city of Dover. Approximately 4,400 students are currently enrolled at the university. In 2007, two students were shot at the so-called “Delaware State University shooting”, but fortunately survived.


Public Schools in Delaware by County

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