Do It Yourself: Towel Racks with Boxes and Pallets for The Bathroom

Placing furniture in storage in which organize towels and other bathroom accessories It is why assume a significant outlay of money. Not referring to the fact that furniture stores that sell some very cheap, that too, but that with recycled things and a little imagination can create very original solutions.

Wooden boxes and pallets are elements that are easily and many times are getting free because they are obsolete. Then should find a way to put them to configure furniture storage we need with them. In addition if not the wood like natural bath, we can paint white or another color.

In this case the color white was already in the rest of the bathroom and boxes and pallets are left with the exposed wood. To my personally I would like more painted, but that is a matter of personal taste. What I think is important is the idea itself, of take advantage of things that will pull to create a piece of furniture instead of buying it.

Furniture is getting has also a large-capacity, at the bottom we have an area for hanging towels and at the top, where they are, we can put objects of all kinds. There will only be that be careful to make good marriages so at some point, dropping us but the Assembly does not seem complicated.