Elegant or Playful Decoration with Window Pictures

Window pictures are incredibly versatile. They can complement your interior and decoration in an elegant, colorful and even modern-aesthetic way. Window pictures are unbeatable as decorative elements in several respects: They are cheap, easy to replace and available in countless designs. You may not even be aware of how numerous the possibilities are – then this article is perfect for you. To see matching wall mirrors for every room, please check bestcraftblog.

Window pictures: only something for children?

Window pictures are not only suitable for children’s room design – this is already shown by their long tradition. Even the ancient Romans decorated their houses and thermal baths with colored glass windows. You are probably also familiar with such images from Christianity: since late antiquity, the panes of many churches and cathedrals have been painted with transparent images that tell parts of the story of the Bible. The radiant light that enters the interior of the church through the large windows creates a mystical and at the same time solemn atmosphere.

Nowadays, thanks to self-adhesive window decals, we have the opportunity to decorate our windows with practically no effort. They often stick to the disk due to static attraction. This eliminates the need for glue to be left on the glass and the images can easily be used multiple times.

Elegant or Playful Decoration with Window Pictures

There are also other ways to get creative with window pictures. For example, you can
• cut your own window pictures out of construction or tissue paper (e.g. the popular snowflake shape that we all know from school),
• use folding instructions to turn origami paper into exciting figures and use them as window pictures,
• wall tattoos on the window panes attach,
• hang twigs or dried blossoms in the window as decoration or
• paint your own window pictures directly onto the pane with chalk markers.

Even if most of these variants are rather cheerful and playful, there are definitely window pictures that look modern, filigree, discreet and aesthetic. Window pictures in metallic colors in particular also go well with serious room concepts and complement, for example, your copper decoration or your industrial chic furnishings . Typographic wall decals – arrangements of certain words – are also a special eye-catcher in the window.

With window pictures through the seasons

Most of us probably know window pictures in connection with the seasons. Window pictures as a decoration in spring shine in white, light green and yellow and present, for example, colorful flower meadows with tulips and daffodils or the popular spring animals such as bunnies, butterflies, colorful birds and bees. Window pictures also play a role as Easter decorations, for example brightly colored Easter eggs, Easter bunnies and yellow chicks. Less playful, noble window pictures for the decoration in spring rely on colors such as soft pink, lilac or silver.

In summer there are mainly meadow and bathing scenes: yellow suns on blue skies, green trees and blue water dominate in the motifs. The more subtle variant comes up with patterns and decorations in white, light blue or green.

Window pictures with tree motifs are popular in autumn: colorful leaves are falling, hedgehogs, squirrels and owls are hiding in the branches and orange pumpkins are emblazoned in the windows on Halloween. Noble window pictures for autumn bring rather dark colors with them: brown, black and gold as well as earth colors are represented here. And a romantic and cozy atmosphere at the kitchen table can be created, for example, with window pictures of candles or lanterns.

In winter, the window decorations are mainly Christmas-themed: Santas, reindeer, sleighs and lots of snowflakes and stars are popular, while nativity scene scenes and angels are also common. But there are also non-religious themes such as quiet winter landscapes and numerous decorative ornaments such as star shapes or ribbons, mainly in silver, white or gold. Snuggling up on the sofa is even nicer when the windows show lovingly designed starry skies.

Window pictures in the children’s room

Bright colors and playful motifs are particularly popular in the children’s room. Animals like bright yellow giraffes and snails that you can ride on, or fantasy figures like dwarfs and dragons, are popular. However, the window pictures for children have space for everything that inspires the youngest: from fire engines to princesses to astronauts on the moon, everything is there. With window paints, which then dry out to form window pictures, such motifs can also be wonderfully designed yourself.

A little tip: window pictures can be attached not only to windows, but also to showcases , tiles or mirrors, for example.