Faena Hotel Hermano Who is Pure Exuberance

We live in a time when almost everything imaginable has already been created. So, it’s not enough to be good, you have to be innovative. And Alan Faena and Philippe Starck are, besides creative and enterprising, responsible for delivering the success of what is now considered one of the world’s most famous hotels: the Hotel Faena. Located in Puerto Madero, one of the most beautiful spots of Buenos Aires, and nearby points of interest of the capital argentina-Casa Rosada, Plaza de Mayo, Obelisk and Teatro Colon –, the space is filled with stories. Built in 1902, the building was intended to serve as a grain warehouse. Curious, isn’t it? Especially when you consider that he is now one of the most refined spaces of Argentina.


Part of the District Faena, a planned neighborhood that includes other projects – as an Arts Centre that brings together national and international artists in sensory and intellectual natural exposures – the hotel is, without life, a place that combines luxury and fun all in one place. In fact, these two premises are priorities of Faena, beyond the obvious pattern of five-star hotels and goes beyond the bedsheet and haute cuisine. The project proposes to the client a stay full of experiences, fantasies and moments that are eccentric.



Comfort, sophistication and technology are part of the scenario of the 87 rooms that make up the hotel. The Suites are provided with exclusive details. And, guests still carry free views of the Rio de La Plata and the Puerto Madero, postcards of iconic capital of the Argentines.



The decor involves since classical trends up to the more contemporary, valuing the black, white and red, with signature of the renowned French decorator and architect Philippe Starck.



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