Fair-faced Concrete for Houses and Apartments

Fair-faced Concrete for Houses and Apartments


Concrete has a long tradition: more than 2,000 years ago, it was valued as a valuable material for constructing buildings in ancient Rome. While it often hides behind plaster here, exposed concrete is becoming increasingly popular: walls, stairs and even furniture are made of this exciting material. Exposed concrete has its own look, which is not for everyone, but definitely fascinating. We have compiled practical tips for you on building and furnishing with fair-faced concrete. To see effective door foils, please check bestcraftblog.

What is exposed concrete?

As the name suggests, fair-faced concrete should remain visible. In contrast to concrete, fair-faced concrete is neither plastered nor faced. This means that the surface can be seen – and this is different for each exposed concrete part depending on the type of production. Each piece is therefore unique with a unique structure.

The texture of fair-faced concrete is created, among other things, by the formwork that is used. This is a hollow mold into which the concrete is poured. These forms are often structured, giving the exposed concrete a texture. Further structures can then be created using grinding or polishing equipment.

Fair-faced concrete is mainly used in public, often representative buildings, but is also becoming increasingly popular for private apartments and house construction. It is suitable for large arcs of tension, so that large, bright rooms with huge windows can be created with exposed concrete. Fair-faced concrete can also be used as a stable and indestructible work surface in the kitchen or as a robust cooking block. There are even impressive bathtubs made of the heavy material – these should, however, first be varnished in a skin-friendly manner.

By the way: fair-faced concrete does not have to be grey. With the help of color pigments, a wide variety of shades are created that suit every style of living.

Fair-faced Concrete for Houses and Apartments

Residential construction with exposed concrete

Exposed concrete looks best in a house with spacious rooms, high ceilings and large windows. It is only suitable to a limited extent for kitchens and bathrooms because, in contrast to other materials such as plaster or brick, fair-faced concrete cannot bind the humidity in the air and then release it again later. On the other hand, it is ideal for large living rooms or studios.

In any case, housing construction with fair-faced concrete should be left to the experts. Even the smallest irregularities immediately catch the eye. Careful planning is therefore necessary in advance – it is best to know what the final design with the fair-faced concrete should look like before construction begins.

Stairs made of exposed concrete also look classy and unique. The different grains come into their own. But here, too, a specialist is needed to ensure that the result is aesthetic in the end. Stairs made of exposed concrete also have the disadvantage that they wear out over time – because the coating that protects against the many thousands of steps is missing here.

Furnishing with fair-faced concrete: tips & tricks

Minimalist furnishings that are not too soft go well with exposed concrete. Delicate colors and fluffy cushions on the sofa are out of place here. On the other hand, good choices are textiles and furniture made from natural materials: leather armchairs, wooden tables, linen curtains and natural, light -colored floor coverings are perfect.

The colors of choice are grey , beige and all brown and earth tones. They reinforce the natural effect of the fair-faced concrete. Another tip: Large green plants in front of a wide exposed concrete wall create an extraordinary, artistic flair that is inspiring. Playful patterns and ruffles don’t fit as well in a house with exposed concrete.

The same applies to the decoration: natural materials have priority. In addition to wooden decorations, rattan baskets and clay bowls, metal elements and copper decoration go well with exposed concrete.

Does the linear coolness of fair-faced concrete appeal to you? Then we recommend that you also take a look at the industrial chic style – it can be wonderfully combined with this exciting material.