Fair Friday Interior Wish List: Cozy Home With Manufactum

A fairly long time everything was allowed to be merely pastellig, smell to Scandinavia and possible reduced look – and so we found ourselves in the perfect Instagram arrangement, without much warmth and coziness, without much charm and the pinch of history. Don’t get me wrong, incredibly like I enter still minimalist four walls that look as cleaned up, I almost fear upon entering, to destroy the whole concept by placing my mantle. It is nice to look at and I have still have great admiration for all the minimalists among you, just the way of life for me does not work personally. To much Krims Krams, too many things of which I do not like part and too much white, light blue and Mint green, nothing is easy for me.

Today I love it so much, to make the Crystal glasses of my grandma on the table, to sitting on a creaking Thonet, to slumber in the homemade bed and already now a little bit the characters of the time in my little Shack to feel, just this mix of all the past styles, that I ever wanted to do (with the exception of the inflatable plastic chair, of course). At some point I could sit through that successfully against my friend (or at least a bit) and country house mix a touch with minimalism, treasures once paid Danish pearls marry folklore while I’ve separated by withered Cactus again and since then lush green sprout let. A few favorites are but of course every now and then on our wish list for the perfect dream of living – and exactly the cry to longevity. And where do we find that? We have to tell only that you a few weeks ago: at Manufactum, of course. Reason to share enough, my wish list from the beautiful universe of sustainable design and trend-enduring classics today: forever, from now and then – and tomorrow.

There is simply everything that the heart desires: copper pots, the most beautiful soaps, high-quality furniture, sustainable clothing or selected food. Here, tradition applies to all areas of life, while design classics is married with new discoveries. And because we want to make love once again between all the quick Komsumgütern, the short-lived liaisons, and an infinite variety of daily new releases for a little breath, we have a “department store of good things” or what we would call it us with Manufactum aka: “The most beautiful and diverse concept store for sustainability and design classics” together done and show you in the next few months , what has to offer Manufactum at all.

A visit to virtual online store and in one of the Germany-wide 9 concept stores fairly quickly makes it clear: here everything on the wish list can actually almost without exception. And precisely for this reason, my selection today also occurs small little greater of:

Hail the “LED lamp”: for “memories of earlier”, warm lighting and thrift. The carbon filament lamp has become scarce can be found here but of course also.

around the kitchen & dining area.

hanging shelf for pots.
Casserole made of copper.
Ercol Budderfly Chair.
Garbage can.
Herb greenhouse.
Poster with freshwater fish.
Small enamel pan.
Zassenhaus coffee grinder.
Butter dish from ceramic.
Cake Dome (also candles including cute look)
whiskey decanter.
Vegetable shelf.

all around the living room

cosy blanket wool.
Vase in honey yellow.
Chair Mariposa.
Folding chair oak.
Folding sofa.
Console table.
Rotary switch from China.

all around the workplace

door mat made of coconut velour.
Room watering can copper.
Folding bed for small breaks.
Nostalgic phone.
Ceiling lamp made of brass cast.
Secretary in walnut.
Little piggy bank.
Kaiser Idell lamp.

– in friendly cooperation with Manufactum –