Fair Shopping a Virtual Tour of the World by Manufactum

For nine years I already live in my own home, have lived once fairly Spartan and Birch-veneer-inspired and shared my kitchen with my dearest friend of home, moved to Berlin and found myself in a nearly empty for weeks rent rooms, moved again in the DIY place of my friend and put all my belongings on the head there. Since then a lot has happened, furniture are again flew out of the apartment in the high arch, were sold or given away, new and used has been added and so slowly I can say: we arrived – and learned one: to value, pays most of all. So a bunch of surrounds me in my view by the own apartment now favorites, (for me) precious collectibles and long-life contemporaries, I will still drag in my AltersWG.

Why I tell you everything? Because strictly speaking everything with my first purchase of high-quality Berlin has begun: with my coffee house-inspired coat stand in the I me headlong into an during my very first visit to Manufactum six years ago. My friend showed me this little gem full of beautiful things and from now on the same was clear: there’s everything the heart desires just: copper pots, the most beautiful soaps, high-quality furniture, sustainable clothing or selected food. Here, tradition applies to all areas of life, while design classics is married with new discoveries. And because we want to make love once again between all the quick Komsumgutern, the short-lived liaisons, and an infinite variety of daily new releases for a little breath, we caught up with the “department store of good things” or what we would call it: “the most beautiful and diverse concept store for sustainability and design classics” together done and show you in the next few months , what exactly has to offer Manufactum. And with a small genre, we make a start today:

pieces of furniture & home accessories at Manufactum:

coat rack wood.
Ercol bench elm and beech.
Chess table.
Räthglobus hand laminated glass.
Clay Cafe Chair.
Honey-Golden resin Crystal vase.

since 1998 Manufactum belongs to the Otto Group, since 2008, the sole shareholder is the latter. However, the Mission has remained fully: still are the products at Manufactum for special craft art, which in a broad sense is good, according to traditional standards and are made with traditional materials and so long-lasting and environmentally friendly. All goods offered classic catalog started. Until 2001, a retail space at its headquarters in Waltrop intended originally as raw space was added, while one is already a year earlier tended to online trading. Now we find the world of Manufactum so the one online, on the other hand, but of course in fine department stores in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Waltrop, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart and Bremen. And who once was in the hotel’s bread & butter shops, knows what I’m talking about all the time, because the offer tickles here even our palates: exquisite food from traditional production meet pastry from our own bakery and can be on a bistro where the food freshly prepared directly substance. Manufactum is quality, appealing to all the senses. And it shows in all areas.

all around the kitchen:

Manufactum bread pot.
French pot.
Light blue beak pot.
Punch bowl made of copper.
Supply bottle with glass plug.
Small Pan enamel.
Ravioli Board aluminium.
Spice grater made of cast iron.
Zassenhaus coffee grinder.

More than 8500 lovingly selected products we find currently in the Manufactum catalog, 8500 classics and AHA effects for almost all areas of our life: starting with furniture and home furnishings, products from the Office supplies, as well as kitchen and garden equipment on food and clothing to body care products such as soaps, brushes and perfumes.

clothing at Manufactum:

slacks by Isabel de Hillerin.
Striped shirt by Armor Lux
Dark blue knit sweater by Aiayu.
Suede boots by ekn.
Poncho by Aiayu.
Bomber jacket by Marvel.
Black leather boots by Red Wing.

Wisely Manufactum selects the products and their manufacturers, which can make things forgotten, but also future-oriented production to life with passion and use Classic, long-lasting, sustainable materials. And the Special: each product on its origins indicates, wierd carefully described and explained. Transparency of to the fullest!

– in friendly cooperation with Manufactum –