Furnishing Tips for the Home Office

Anyone who works from home knows that separating work and private life is not always easy. The right set-up in the home office will help you to work effectively and in a concentrated manner while still not neglecting coziness. With our furnishing tips for the home office, you can combine both aspects and create a workspace that suits you.

Which home office type are you?

In order to put together the right decoration and furniture for your home office, you should first know what kind of work you are. To see effective kitchen foils, please check bestcraftblog.

Do you need a lot of rest to work, if possible without distractions? Then a rather simple home office with little furniture, preferably in white or other light colors, suits you. A clear separation is important for you: If you don’t have your own room with a door, you should use shelves or chests of drawers as room dividers to separate your workplace at home. A workplace with a view of the outside is rather annoying for you, and you should avoid decorations on the walls or on the desk.

But then there is also the creative-chaotic type: Do you like to work with inspiring music and do you need new impressions while working? You’re better off with edgier, colorful furniture, and if you can look outside while you work, that’s ideal. Creative furnishing tips are a treasure trove for your home office . Pictures belong on your walls, decorative elements are allowed on your desk.

Of course, in addition to these two extremes, there are also many mixed types. Did you get any idea what type you are? Then you can now pick the right one for you from the following furnishing tips for your home office.

Furnishing Tips for the Home Office

Important furniture for the home office

Not surprisingly, the most important piece of furniture for your home office is the desk. Since you spend a lot of time in the same position, it is advisable to sit on a height- adjustable desk . In this way you prevent tension and support your ability to concentrate. You can also work standing up at times. Changing positions is good for your body and keeps your mind alert.

Equally important is the right ergonomic desk chair. Whether it’s a designer chair in bright red or a simple black swivel chair – it’s important that you can still sit relaxed here even after many hours. You might temporarily switch to a sitting ball: this trains the back muscles, but will not permanently replace a well-chosen desk chair.

There are many solutions for order and storage space. Shelf cubes are simple and practical because you can easily divide your work material into different areas. Of course, these can also be attached to the wall. Filing cabinets and cabinets with drawers also help to create order in the simplest way. If you only have limited space, you can expand your office cabinet with an add-on cabinet to take advantage of the height of the room.

Tip: Find out about multifunctional furniture that makes your workplace at home flexible and adaptable at any time.

Cozy home office: furnishing tips for light and decoration

In addition to all efficiency and concentration, the feel-good factor should not be missing in your home office. After all, we spend a large part of our lifetime at work.

The right light is particularly important for a cozy interior in the home office. Many people find daylight particularly comfortable as long as it doesn’t fall directly on the screen. So think about a window workstation or translucent curtains. In addition, you should be able to illuminate important areas more intensively at any time – for example with adjustable floor or table lamps near the desk.

Plants at work at home support a pleasant room climate with fresh air. In addition, they just look pretty – especially if you place them on shelves or small side tables, for example.

Tip: A wastepaper basket right next to the desk makes it easier to keep things tidy. The same applies to a filing system into which documents to be processed are moved until the time is right – this way, loose pieces of paper don’t fly around everywhere in the home office.

The right decoration for your workplace depends on your preferences. All in all: be rather economical with the decoration at work at home and only use what really inspires you. Elements made of natural materials have an aesthetic yet calming effect: wooden baskets, shells, vases with fresh flowers, decorative stones or clay bowls. When choosing your decoration, you are also welcome to use the meaning of the living room colors as a guide .

By the way: With a few furnishing tips, you can also cleverly transform small rooms into home offices. You can find out how you can use every room situation creatively and stylishly in one of our guides.

Furnishing Tips for the Home Office