Google Acting as Supplier and Competition: Its Products Are Favored in 91% of Searches

We know well that the Google search engine It is one of the most important tools on the internet, being a powerful window to what the world has to show. Therefore, millions of advertisers invest heavy sums of money to appear in first place in the searches, or you purchase advertising space within these results.

Today, thanks to a Wall Street Journal analysis, we learned that Google might be one would be accused of conflict of interest. This is because most of their products are being favoured within your own search engine, so competing against its customers, those who are at a clear disadvantage to be him who makes the rules.

Conflict of interests?

According to the WSJ, analyzing 25,000 random searches (in United States) have discovered that in 91% of the cases, the results of certain terms threw first Google products or related Alphabet. This means that Google is buying or favoring, your ads above what competitors, who is also a client of the company to pay you for a service within your browser.

Among the terms where Google always appears in the first place:

  • ‘Phones’, with Google Pixel ads
  • ‘Laptops’, showing Chromebooks results
  • ‘Clocks’, with 98% of the searches showing ads for Android Wear
  • And other results within the search engine within United States:

The explanation given by Google about the privileged who have their products within your browser, is because your ads have with higher quality by leveraging the formats offered by the platform, In addition to that they pay a greater amount of money in Google Adwords. So it is not taking any kind of advantage and everything is “transparent”.

“We have designed consciously and carefully our marketing programs to not affect the auction ads. “All our offers are excluded from auctions to determine the price paid by other advertisers, and we have rules and strict processes (even with more stringent than our customers levels) to determine the use of our own ads.”

It should be noted that cases like Facebook and Microsoft with Bing, which are two of the most important players in the business of digital advertising behind Google, ensure that they participate in auctions for space “as any other advertiser”, and they compete against their clients “under the same rules”. No doubt it’s a case that will to talk about and will target, again, Google for unfair practices and competition.