Headwaters Lead Personality to the Decoration of the Rooms

Since we spend most of our life sleeping, nothing better than to think the decor of functional form, but without losing the sophistication. And one of the key pieces for an environment well aligned are the headwaters. Now, time was such furniture was a simple headrest. That’s because, increasingly, the headboard is becoming a fundamental item to give an original touch to the decor of the room, regardless of the style of the owner. In fabric or wood, in dark tones or color, the options are numerous and meet the most refined tastes.


If you do not give up a good bedtime reading or like to watch tv in the comfort of the bed, the tip is an upholstered headboard, quite comfortable. In addition, it is essential that the proportions of the bed are observed.
Among the most popular models include the upholstery, especially in suede. For more sophisticated rooms, the white courino is a practical option. Silk, although giving a visual luxury, requires certain precautions, such as not touch with wet head, for example. In addition, in double rooms, sobriety usually dominate.


Upholstered headboards with leather or large wooden panels are good alternatives in these environments. Already in the dorms of young singles, all kinds of innovation WINS space: from mirrors to stickers that cover the wall behind the bed. In fact, the mirrors behind the bed may be the entire wall. Without frames, they are a good option to make the environment look bigger. In small rooms, the headboards can be coupled to shelves, that replace the created mute.


Choose your favorite headboard!