Home Lighting Tips

In the dark season, we are happy if we even catch a few rays of sunshine on the way home from work, school or an appointment. It is all the nicer when, at least at home, pleasant light welcomes us and creates a cozy atmosphere. So we can relax on the sofa with a cup of tea and enjoy the evening. But even in summer, the right light in the apartment is important for a good mood. We show you how to make your home shine.

Bring daylight into your home

Sunlight makes us awake, happy and full of life – the reason is the hormones that our body releases as soon as the sun’s rays hit our skin. So try to let a lot of the light in at home through the windows. During the day, only cover them with light, airy curtains, if at all. At night, blackout blinds help darken the room so you can get a good night’s sleep.

Doors and room dividers are important for separating your different living areas, but they often absorb a lot of light. In small, dark apartments in particular, you can let the light flow more easily by using translucent room dividers, such as sliding glass doors. In general, glass helps fill your home with more light. Maybe you’ll also look at cabinets with glass fronts or tables made of glass.

Home Lighting Tips

Direct light over furniture that is often used

Of course, almost every room will need a direct light source, such as a ceiling light in the living room. Apart from that, your home needs light especially in places where you often sit or work. This can be a floor lamp next to the sofa , a desk lamp at your workplace or the hanging lamp directly above the dining table .

Direct light can even create a kind of space division, for example by lighting your dining area differently than your relaxation area – even if the kitchen and living room are not separated by walls or doors. So you can use light to furnish your home and get really creative.

Indirect light at home creates a feel-good atmosphere

Floor lamps, candles and small lamps on sideboards are real classics when it comes to creating atmosphere. Thanks to LEDs, rechargeable battery solutions and multifunctional furniture, you have many other options for making your home really cozy with light.

LED strip

Flexible LED strips for gluing are particularly easy to attach. They emphasize your favorite sideboard or a beautiful floor and are available in white and in various other colors. Cabinets with LED lighting are practical , as you can get as part of our exclusive version: the cabinet light switches on as soon as you open the door. The good thing about LED lights is that they not only save enormous amounts of electricity, but also last up to 25 times longer than incandescent lamps and three to five times longer than energy-saving lamps. Also see LED wall clocks.


There are spots built in or as lights to be mounted. They are often functionally embedded in the ceiling of hallways or bathrooms. Mounted in floors, they help to stage a room or to structure it. With individual spotlights, you direct the light in your apartment in such a way that pictures or decorative elements are emphasized – this looks particularly beautiful with matching copper decoration .

Battery lights

No socket ready? That’s why you don’t have to do without beautiful indirect light at home. In our mobile age, thanks to small, light and powerful batteries, there is also mobile light for furniture and cozy corners.

Light objects

At Christmas time, luminous stars made of plastic shine in front of entrance doors and in shop windows. Illuminated traffic light men, shark fins and similarly creative furnishing ideas have a more unusual effect . Illuminated spheres, which bring indirect light into your home without catching the eye too much, are simpler again. When buying light objects, make sure that the bulbs are well installed inside and that the light in the object shines evenly.

Light furniture

Light and furniture in one? Oh yes: With illuminated furniture you set a real highlight in the room. Almost a classic, because the light cube, for example, can also be used as a seat. There are also tables, stools, armchairs and shelves that are equipped with light sources (usually LEDs) on the inside. They are usually made of translucent plastic. But there are also tables made of lacquered wood, where the light shines through a frosted glass plate. In this way, light and furnishings are combined in one step, and you are rewarded with a warm, comfortable atmosphere.
Would you like even more light at home? Then maybe chic decorative lamps are something for you. We hope you enjoy setting it up!

Home Lighting Tips