Homes That They Inspire: a Housing Organized in Terraces

This housing organized in terraces is not one of our typical homes that inspire, which normally are a decoration – forgive the repetition – inspiring, but that it is a House with a unique spatial organization that provides a different view of how to deal with the distribution of housing.

Located in Casavells, Girona, this House is the result of the restoration of an ancient village between party House, which the architects of 05 AM architecture they decided to keep only the stone facade facing the street, organizing the housing around the rear facade, offering a view open to the mountains that surround the village.

The most unique of this House is the structuring of the main space, It houses stays as disparate as garage, lounge, kitchen, dining room and office, all perfectly differentiated and hierarchical thanks to the ingenious system of terraces proposed by architects.

Access to housing It is produced from two heights. The street gives access to the level of the kitchen after passing through a small entrance hall, while the main entrance of the House is situated on the floor semi basement in the back to the street, since the plot is on a slope.

This entry also fulfills the function of garage, but it architects wanted it much more than a dark garage, so visually communicates with the office – Middle floor above – and also the kitchen/dining room with a large window. From the garage, a door and stairs take us to the main floor through the office.

The firm I particularly like for several things. First of all is that, to be lower than the rest, gives the feeling of shelter, something very important to concentrate, but I also love the different wood terraces in the form of tiers used to read in a relaxed or for children to play.

From the kitchen, a walkway leads to the lounge area, which has a magnificent views of the mountain because the façade is fully glazed. If that out little, a large terrace makes the space wider still.

Interesting things of the show: I love the Green furniture in S-shape that unites the living room with the kitchen and serves also as a handrail. Nor should let’s look at how well integrated is the chimney or the little annoying television, although without a doubt my favorite detail are the two stone steps they are the start of the light metal stair leading to the upper floor.

I don’t know you, but to me this housing organized in terraces I has been a very inspiring House. Perhaps decoration even missing you details that actually live someone, but I think that architects have done an outstanding job with the space and light, giving it a twist to the political football “open concept space” so that each zone is independent and at the same time form part of the whole.