‘ Horizon Zero Dawn’: Sony Already Has Its First Sandbox, and Also a Vendeconsolas

‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ is the most important commitment of Sony for your PS4 in this beginning of the year. A title already acclaimed by the critics, if nothing more to prevent it, also enjoy the same support from the public when it reaches stores.

A Guerrilla Games a much less curious panorama is presented, and is that after renquear for years with a saga that never got too, dawn of the ‘Killzone’ FPS, now it changes completely gender to demonstrate that they can become stronghold of Sony.

‘Horizon Zero Dawn’, the vendeconsolas

If something taught us the last generational change was the difficulty of studies for escape from the ordinary. Longer and more expensive developments turned into an impossible mission risk with new formats and ideas.

Maybe that why the arrival of ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ has been a surprise capital. Not only by the decision of Studio and distributor of abandoning something apparently established (at the end and at the end had always hope that the next ‘Killzone’ was that was at the height), also by doing so reaching a level that goes far beyond the triple A and enters directly into the category of vendeconsolas.

What guerilla has achieved is not only give birth to a great game, also has opened doors that until now only looked within reach of names like Naughty Dog, for the technical quality that goes beyond, or Rockstar, for their treatment of the narrative in an open world.

As if it wasn’t enough, ‘ Horizon Zero Dawn’ It is also a tremendously funny and intelligent game which manages to create a system of combat and missions which is impossible to disengage in base take ideas from other great titles,.

A worthy of lost history

Controlling to ALOY, a pariah, banished from their tribe in a world dystopian that dinosaur-shaped machines roam freely, begin the adventure with a blank slate full of mysteries that, far from clear as they advance the missions, will be generating even more branches of questions in its wake.

As well, the feeling of being before something closer to lost that to the history of a generic game, constantly invites us to continue advancing to discover what more surprises ahead or answers await us at the end of the road.

Discover what happened to civilization as we know it is the idea that you start the game and keeps you in suspense until the end, but gradually also you will want to know where all these machines come out why ALOY was banished from the cradle, who are their parents or the reason for the interest that the redhead among other tribes.

Nothing would be that if the pace of its history and the charisma the character they not credible from the same work, a quality that you will be closer to the protagonist to awaken the feeling that you’re one of the great heroes of the environment, very above which has given the world of games for years.

A game that you will want to exceed 100%

And nothing would serve all that interesting to be their background and precious are his landscapes, if something stands out ‘ Horizon Zero Dawn’ is for his mastery in bringing its playability a step beyond what all take for granted in an open world.

Plagued with secondary missions that will make us discover new scenarios will allow us to deepen further in characters and story, overcome the game from beginning to end is one of those experiences that catch you from the first minute thank you go introducing innovations slowly.

Learn to hunt, to put traps to avail you of sabotage of robots that help you in combat, to tame them to move on his mount with ease, to take advantage of strengths and weaknesses both your enemies and your accessories or clothes.

There is much to be done in ‘ Horizon Zero Dawn’, and in the Marathon which marked his analysis, one of those tests with clock marking the arrival of the embargo on its website constantly, never had sense of repetition or hurry for wanting to leave parked ideas or proposals. With that in mind, I can imagine it entertaining should be enjoy it far more calmly.

Gameplay by flag

But how to play to? ‘ Horizon Zero Dawn’? How do you get to convey those great feelings without falling into the praises to their history or the amount of hours offered all their missions and secrets?

Using bare-knuckled as arches or wire traps, one of our main objectives will be to eliminate robots and increasingly large and dangerous enemies. But far from it as if it were a shooter and away from the typical “shoot until you bite the canvas”, guerrillas here introduces a system near of a role-playing game.

With the device bearing ALOY on the front we will be able to see through the walls our enemies (ideal for a more stealthy approach), but also see what parts make up each machine and how take advantage of their weaknesses to finish them with greater ease.

So will show us that some are vulnerable to fire, so an attack continued with incendiary arrows can bring us benefit, but also that this device tracker has next to the eyes can be eliminated if we attack him continuously with arrows piercing, eliminating his ability and leaving us in a better position in the face of confrontation.

Playing with the elements, In addition to relying on the aforementioned vision and numbers that show the damage that is receiving the machine, addressing each combat requires a more strategic approach that, once mastered and internalized, it will allow us to further exploit the spectacular clashes with epic moments as slip pointing to slow or wiping out flocks of enemies while we go on a mount.

The perfect game for the completists

Although it is not precisely my profile, I know just how ‘ Horizon Zero Dawn’ become a gem for the completists, those players who squeezed the titles to let them completely dry base scavenging secrets or improve your character until exhaustion.

In addition to a fun gameplay element, hunting is an indispensable component of the game by the need to collect parts and devices that, as well as allowing us to improve weapons or equipment, will also serve to buy the vast majority of things that are sold in stores from the game.

Sumemosle there experience and skill points which we are unlocking as we move forward in the adventure and do it with style (headshots, or delete parts of robots during the fighting), which will allow us to improve actions such as stealth attacks with more power or collect more herbs which allow us to heal us from quickly and easily.

However, the walks in the world of ‘ Horizon Zero Dawn’ they are more enjoyable, inviting us to make clashes which otherwise we would have obviated or enhancing exploration in search of the secret cave or robot that we have discovered.

‘Horizon Zero Dawn’: the shadow of the GOTY

The possibility of deepening the story collecting holograms and notes to ‘Bioshock’ style, enjoy the charisma of the characters and their missions as a ‘The Witcher 3’, travel a huge world, completing quests and challenges as in ‘Far Cry’, improve our skills of hunting following ‘Monster Hunter’ strategies or enjoying the sections of platforms and palomitera action of references like ‘Tomb Raider’.

Undeniable is that Guerrilla Games has relied on some of the best ideas from the past few years, but it is no less true that it has done so with a touch of quality and distinction that allows you to maintain the originality to base to create an own ecosystem.

Yes ‘ Horizon Zero Dawn’ It is the game which you will hear talk in the coming weeks is because PS4 is has attended a major title that only the shadow of Nintendo Switch and its ‘ Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ could infuse you with respect.

Yes should be clear in Guerrilla is that, regardless of who ends up occupying more cover, they have hit the nail on his proposal. If something they can be proud to Sony is that giving free rein to creativity and the risk faced by the launch of a new franchise, they have managed to ‘ Horizon Zero Dawn’ place as one of the best games for your console.