Housewarming Gifts that Always Fit

Your best friend is moving into their first shared apartment with his girlfriend, or is your sister living alone for the first time – and you’ve been invited and of course you want to bring suitable gifts with you when you move in? It should be unique and still not too obtrusive? Great, because we have gift ideas for you that are suitable for every move.

The classic gift ideas for the new house

When a married couple moved into their first shared apartment, bread and salt were traditionally given as gifts. In ancient times, salt in particular was considered particularly valuable and therefore a symbol of prosperity. The basket with bread and salt (often also with oil or wine) is still one of the typical housewarming gifts. The basket is often provided with the old saying: “Bread and salt, God preserve it”.┬áTo see wall mural Berlin, please check necessaryhome.

Houseplants or a starter set of different useful plants for your own garden are also a classic moving-in gift. While in the past these were usually received with a smile and a big thank you, caution is advised today: Not everyone loves indoor plants, and not everyone has a green thumb and would like to take care of the plant over a longer period of time. So do some research beforehand if you don’t know the person very well. If in doubt, easy-care plants such as dragon trees or some types of ficus and cacti are a good choice.
Would you rather give something more unusual as a gift? If traditional housewarming gifts aren’t creative enough for you, you’ll find them in the next section.

Housewarming Gifts that Always Fit

Creative gift ideas for moving into the new apartment

When it comes to gifts for the new home, a little tact is always required. After all, you want to make someone happy without interfering with their furnishing concept. The following gift ideas for moving in almost always fit – the more you know about the person, the easier it is to choose.

“This is where we live” gifts

This category includes gifts that show who will live in this house or apartment from now on – for example with the help of engravings or printed texts. Key boards, floor mats and door signs are particularly popular. A light box that shows the names of those who have moved in, similar to a blockbuster film title, is an extraordinary gift for moving into a new house.

Decoration and DIY gifts for housewarming

The following applies to all decorative gifts: less is more and they should not be too obtrusive. Pretty (but not too flashy) solar lights, fairy lights, homemade lanterns or small plant showers for the bed or flower box are suitable for both large gardens and small city balconies.

For the apartment or the house itself, personal DIY gifts are more suitable for moving in: a self-designed photo board, a lovingly packed basket with delicacies or self-knitted oven mitts. These do not disturb the furnishing concept and are wonderfully personal at the same time.

Comfortable housewarming gifts

Especially the first apartment of your own is often not particularly comfortable, because at the beginning there are often many things missing. Gift ideas that create a little more comfort are well received. For example, how about a pair of slippers to warm up in the microwave? A new blanket? Or a tea or wellness set that you put together yourself?

Gift ideas for the physical well-being

When it comes to eating and drinking, it depends on how well you know the person you want to give presents to: a wine lover is happy about selected wines or even a small wine rack, a barbecue fan about a barbecue set and a recipe book to go with it. Those who like to cook can do something with the small herb garden for the kitchen. In general, crockery always fits well, especially if the person is living in their own apartment for the first time and there is still a lack of household goods.

All of these housewarming gifts have the advantage that they can be used or consumed. So they don’t become unwanted decorative objects that just stand around.

What about furnishings as a gift idea?

You should only give away furniture and similar furnishings if you have listened carefully beforehand: For example, does the person complain about an impractical niche that cannot be filled well? Then, with a little skill, you can make her very happy with a perfectly adapted niche cabinet . For such large items, however, the following applies: only if you can take the right measurements and choose the right decoration will these gifts really be a hit. Otherwise, stick to smaller pieces of furniture like table lamps or small wall shelves that (almost) everyone can use.

Housewarming Gifts that Always Fit