How to Decorate a Mini Summer Apartment of 37 M2

Few of the privileged few who enjoy large spaces in their summer residences. In general we have to comply with a mini apartment, costs that get their juice and that look nice.

Through this beautiful home in Formentera will take four ideas of How to decorate a mini apartment of summer of 37 m2 and add a look shabby chic, boho chic and Ibiza, as well as make it look light and airy.

White is the protagonist

First and most important is that the House be painted white low top, but don’t settle with the walls, use white for furniture, sofas, tables, kitchen and textiles, such as curtains, rugs and sheets.

Looking towards the open spaces

It is very important to distribute all the furniture in such a way that they always look to the balcony, Garden or windows, enjoy the sky, the sea and views, looking out gives you feeling of spaciousness.

Add a touch of blue

To feel even more than holiday Add accessories with a look seaworthy, so it is best use the blue in some textiles, decorative pieces, even some furniture or piece of kitchenware, from colours turquoise to Indigos.

Mediterranean details

As the summer is generally associated to the Mediterranean landscape, we will seek objects and materials that remember us this somewhat arid landscape of olive and orange trees, in earth tones. Details Wicker, cane or straw, tables and the kitchen of natural wood.

Remove the doors

A space to have a broader Royal appearance, the best is to remove the doors, or sliding doors. During the day you can enjoy ample room and at night you can close for privacy.

Although the best thing is to make an open space with the kitchen open to dining room and a bedroom that is entrevea, half hidden among a few glass walls, curtains or screens.

The main space: terrace

If the apartment has balcony, deck, patio or garden must get out, is where you will spend most of the day, or what more will observe from the dining room. Put it pretty with a marble table, or a table of wood painted white, Tolix chairs, and many plants, above all a Creeper plant season as a vine or bugamvilla, Add a pergola of cane will that summer touch.