How to Find Perfect Country House Style Furniture

Cosy, cozy, country house style: Hardly any other style of living brings so much feel-good flair to your home as the country house style. Furniture and furnishing elements in a country house style make a modern living environment cozy in no time at all and bring personality into your home.

Regardless of whether you opt for the Scandinavian-inspired hygge style, bring home the charm of Provence with pieces of furniture in the so-called shabby or vintage look and generous doses of romantic accents, or furnish your home in the style of a British cottage : It is not for nothing that the country house style is one of the most popular furnishing trends. We give tips on how to skillfully set priorities and how custom-made furniture perfects your country-style furnishings.

What is important in a modern country-style interior

To be honest: Is there anything nicer than making yourself really comfortable at home? Hardly likely. Unless you manage to create a living environment that is not only cozy and visually convincing, but also covers functional aspects such as clever storage space or multifunctionality. Country-style furniture, such as a rustic kitchen table, a country-style chest of drawers or a shelf with lovely details, draws attention to itself and makes everyday life easier in your home, as it offers enough storage space.

That way, your favorite pieces, like an heirloom with a charming patina or a flea market find with character, will show off better. Because when it comes to country house style , one thing applies above all: the courage to be individual! This means combining cherished belongings that may have been with you since childhood with new pieces and interior design elements with soul. These can be both old and new – what matters is that they have personality!

Perfect Country House Style Furniture

Pieces of furniture in trendy shabby chic are just as perfect for a country house style as antique heirlooms or rustic country furniture. The combination with contemporary shapes and materials also creates excitement in a living scenario – regardless of whether in the kitchen, in the living room or bedroom. You can also implement country-style furnishings in a modern way in the hallway or bathroom by combining a single piece of country-style furniture with simple, timeless classics.

Combine old with new

One of the characteristic features of the country style is the trust in proven materials, shapes and patterns combined with modern elements. For example, brocade, floral or other patterned curtains and a wrought-iron brass bed can look like family heirlooms, paired with a bold hue such as emerald green or dusty blue.

Large-format wallpaper prints are also typical of country-style furnishings. If your walls are already adorned with eye-catching flock wallpaper, pair them with a classic, modern furniture design, like a rosewood rocking chair and end table, to make them stand out. Also dare to dare strong contrasts – be it through materials that differ greatly in structure and effect or through color tones that create visual tension. For example, you can “rejuvenate” a slouchy leather Chesterfield sofa with pink floral wallpaper and brass-colored decorative elements, or place a modern armchair and a small console table alongside a painted farmer’s cupboard, which look more futuristic. Also see gold wall clocks.

Country-style furniture: The right decoration makes the country look exciting

In addition to expressive furniture in a country house style , you set accents with decoration and home accessories. For example, bright accents such as brightly patterned blankets, cushions or vases look great in timeless country-style furnishings in white. A bit of humor should not be missing – why not hang an oil painting with a gold frame on the pink wallpapered powder room or gather different chairs in different colors around the table in the country-style kitchen?

It’s all a question of the right framework

The most important country house style elements are furniture and doors with framed fronts. If you configure made-to-measure furniture via, you can equip it with matching fronts . It’s amazing what a visual difference just such a frame can make.
Whether filled with glass, painted in a subtle color or made entirely of wood: framed fronts give cupboards, chests of drawers or sideboards a more rustic look. Light wood and natural colors add extra flair to your country-style living room or bedroom. You have many options for designing your individual dream country house furniture: For example, choose front patterns when configuring the furniture in fresh pastel tones, muted natural colors or high-quality wood decors.

Dare to show your colors in the country-style furnishings

Strong and timeless colors form the backbone of the country style color palette. For example, muted gray tones and expressive gemstone nuances such as strong green, red, mustard yellow, purple, navy blue or smoky gray are characteristic of English-style country house furnishings. The only rule you should stick to is: Don’t be falsely reserved! Bold people paint walls, wooden furniture and doors in the same shade or in harmonious contrasting colors.

How to Find Perfect Country House Style Furniture