Important Information about Georgia

The capital


The local time

Georgia is in the UTC +4 time zone, local time corresponds to Moscow.


The national currency is the Georgian lari. 1 lari corresponds to 100 tetri issued in coins. There are denominations of 1, 2, 10, 50, 100 and 200 lari. The currency was finally approved in 1995 as the monetary unit of independent Georgia.

Currency exchange

The lari exchange rate is unstable – the National Bank of Georgia approved this for the sake of maneuvering in difficult economic realities, which made it possible to bring the national currency to the international market. The high level of inflation also leaves no choice for a floating lari rate.

For 2015, according to the official exchange rate, 1 lari costs 26 rubles. This value may change, again – in connection with the floating rate.

You can exchange rubles for lari in Georgia even at street exchange offices. They are strictly controlled by the state, so scams here are quite rare. Most exchange points in Tbilisi – the most popular of them are located right at the entrance to the subway.

IMPORTANT: There are no currency exchange points in places with a low tourist rating, as well as in remote villages of Georgia. And since no one will accept foreign currency here, it is better to take care of cash lari in advance.

In addition, every second exchange office in Georgia indicates the amount of lari per 1000 rubles in its tariffs. Russian banknotes of a smaller denomination are not accepted at such cash desks.


Telephone communications

Georgia is distinguished by a high degree of telephony in the regions – even remote villages have their own exchanges that allow you to make long-distance and even international calls.

In Georgian hotels of any category, there are always telephones, if not in the rooms, then at the reception.

The telephone code of Georgia is 995.

Mobile connection

Of the Russian mobile operators in Georgia, Beeline operates. For travelers, the company has developed a number of tariffs that allow relatively inexpensive calls in the roaming zone to their homeland, as well as using mobile Internet.

The largest cellular operator in Georgia is the Magti network, in second place is Geocell. Both operators offer tourists favorable rates for calls to Georgian numbers, as well as to Russia.

To purchase a SIM card, you will need to provide a passport. The cost of the card is from 5 to 20 GEL, this amount is automatically credited to the balance.


Wired Internet with rather expensive rates is available in hotels in Tbilisi and a number of large cities. Basically, this is a luxury for rooms with a comfort level of 4 stars and above. Most often, tourists are offered to use the Wi – Fi network.

In small communities, the Internet is available only through mobile networks. The rates here are even higher. If you rent a private house, then there is a chance that it has satellite Internet.

IMPORTANT: Since 2012, a large-scale project ” Tbilisi loves you ” has been operating in the Georgian capital. This is the name of a free Wi – Fi channel that can be “caught” on any mobile device. The network speed in it is not high, but it is quite enough for checking e-mail and messages in social networks.

Emergency services

112 – unified dispatching service of emergency services of Georgia

111 – fire department

121 – police

113 ambulance.


The transport network in Georgia is well developed. There are airports with international terminals in Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi. Also, local flights are accepted by the airport named after Queen Tamara in the village of Mestia.

The railways of Georgia are also highly developed – even remote mountainous areas have access to a common line of highways. The length of railways in operation to date in Georgia is about 1300 km. The only abandoned branches are the paths leading to the territory of Abkhazia.┬áSee liuxers for Georgia customs and traditions.

Urban transport in Georgia is represented by minibuses, minibuses, as well as large municipal buses. Each such bus has a ticket terminal at the entrance, the fare starts from 40 tetri.

Taxis in Georgia are a state-controlled service, so all cars are required to have identification marks. Travel around the area will cost from 4 lari in the daytime, and from 8 lari at night.


Most often, tourists prefer to stay in hotels, fortunately, in recent years alone, several thousand hotel complexes have appeared in Georgia throughout the country. Hotels from 3 stars and above are in demand, although guests can also be attracted by hotels without a category, but at the same time having all the necessary conditions for living.

As a rule, even inexpensive hotels in Georgia have telephones in the rooms and at the reception, as well as the possibility of wireless connection to Wi – Fi.

Houses in the private sector of Georgia are popular with those tourists who prefer a quiet country life and recreation outside the big cities. The Internet may not be here at all, but all other amenities are presented at the highest level.


The voltage in the houses and hotels of Georgia is 220 V 50 Hz, no adapters are required for equipment.

Important Information about Georgia