Important Information about Kazakhstan

The capital

Kazakhstan’s capital is the city of Astana (since 1998).


3 hours ahead of Moscow time.


The official languages in the country are Russian and Kazakh. The Russian language is most often spoken in large cities – Astana, Petropavlovsk, Alma-Ata, Kustanai and Karaganda, the Kazakh language – in the southern cities of the country.


Monetary unit in Kazakhstan e is tenge (KZT).

The country has the most advanced banking system in Central Asia. Banks work on weekdays from 9:30 to 17:30, with a lunch break, as a rule, from 13:00 to 14:00. Some banks work without lunch breaks. The non-working days are Saturday and Sunday.

Currency exchange (EUR, USD, RUB) can be done at numerous exchange offices. Most banks exchange only new banknotes. Payment in rubles can be made in the markets, more often in the northern regions, but at a higher rate. You should always be careful at exchange offices and count them when you receive money.

Payment by credit cards (main international and European) can be made in large shops, restaurants and hotels in Almaty. It is best to have traveler’s checks in US dollars with you – this will help save time on additional exchange transactions. ATMs are located in hotels, banks and large shopping centers.

1 KZT = 100 tiyn.



Almost all cities in Kazakhstan and Internet cafes are widespread. Such institutions, due to underdeveloped tourism, are focused on local youth. Most Internet cafes are located in residential areas. Convenient and modern Internet cafes are usually located in the central parts of cities.

In addition, in all major cities of the country, access to the network can be obtained at all central post offices.

Telephone communications

Country code – 7.

When calling from Russia, the code is not dialed, since the code of both countries is identical. To call, dial: 8 – city code – subscriber’s number.

Code dialing is required when calling to Kazakhstan from other countries. When calling, the number of dialed numbers should be – 10. If there are not enough numbers, dial – 2 in addition to the city code.

To call from Kazakhstan and you need to dial: 8 – country code – city code – subscriber number.

For calls within the country, there is a two-level code system, which consists of an area code and a city code or another locality (regardless of the call from one or different zones, the number is dialed in full).

Telephone codes of some Kazakh cities: Almaty – 727, Karaganda – 721-2, Astana – 717-2, Petropavlovsk – 715-2, Kostanay – 714-2, East-Kazakhstan region – 722-2, Uralsk – 711-2, Aktyubinsk – 713-2, Kyzyl-Orda – 724-2, Aktau – 729-2, Taldy-Kurgan – 728-2.


Kazakhstan does not have a sufficiently developed railway network, built back in the days of the USSR. All major cities of the country are connected by a permanent passenger service.

One of the most common types of urban transport are buses and fixed-route taxis, and in Almaty also trams. You can stop a commercial bus anywhere. As a rule, the fare is indicated on the side window, windshield or in the passenger compartment. The fare for trams, trolleybuses and ordinary buses is currently 25-30 tenge, the fare for commercial buses is up to 50 tenge.

In all major cities of Kazakhstan is also in great demand taxi. Most often, meters in cars are either disabled or absent. The fare must be negotiated in advance. In Almaty and Astana, there are large companies that offer taxi services at stable rates.

In addition to official taxis, it is also possible to use the services of a private trader – usually it comes out cheaper. However, you should always remember about safety – before boarding, you should tell the driver the address and sit down only after his consent.


In first-class restaurants and hotels, tips are usually included in the bill and range from 5 to 10%. There is also a set amount for service in rail transport and taxis. Tipping is not accepted in other places, but if you like the service, you can leave change. Bargaining in the markets is considered generally accepted. See liuxers for Kazakhstan customs and traditions.

Tourist safety

Being in Kazakhstan, a number of simple rules should be followed:

Do not leave bags and valuables unattended at the airport and other crowded places. Keep valuables and documents in hotel safes;

In restaurants, hotels, sports centers, museums, clubs, exhibitions and theaters, as well as when visiting architectural and cultural monuments, you must follow the instructions and instructions of the staff;

It is not recommended to carry large sums of money with you, and video or photographic equipment should always be held tightly in your hands;

Smoking in public places is prohibited.

Important Information about Kazakhstan