Important Information about Oman


Time in Oman is ahead of Moscow by an hour.


The official currency of Oman is the rial (in 1 rial – 1000 baiza). It is recommended to exchange currencies in the country, since the exchange rate in Oman is more or less favorable. The average Omani rial is $2.60. The exchange rate in Oman is quite stable.

There are many ATMs in major Omani cities. Remember: you can get no more than 300 rials per day. Credit cards are accepted in large 3-5* hotels. Cash in Oman is recommended to be used in small restaurants and shops, gas stations and markets.

If you don’t want to travel with cash in your pocket, then travelers checks (in dollars from American Express) will do. They can be cashed in major hotels and banks.


Telephone communications

The Oman code for foreign calls is 968 (after dialing the desired local number is required). Calls from Oman abroad are cheaper between 21.00 and 07.00. Telephone numbers consist of a two-digit area code and six digits. The Dhofar region code is 23, the Muscat region code is 24, the Musandam region code is 26, the code for the interior regions and Sharqiya (Eastern Province) is 25.


The Omani provider is the Omantel network. All significant local companies have their own e-mail and websites. Large hotels in Oman have business centers where you can check your email inbox. There are Internet cafes in the large shopping areas of large Omani cities. Its regulars are the youth of the Sultanate.

Mobile connection

Oman is part of the GSM service area. The most popular mobile phone companies include Omantel and Nawras. All mobile phones of foreign visitors to the country work normally in Oman.

To communicate with acquaintances in the country and relatives abroad, it is recommended to use the SMS service (it is cheap here). The coverage here is sufficient, so there is a mobile signal in Oman even in desert areas.


Oman does not have a railway connection, but this is made up for by a large number of intercity buses. For a dozen rials, it will be possible to drive through the entire sultanate. The system of minibuses and service taxis is quite convenient here, and the fare in them costs 3 rials for every 100 kilometers in the intercity and 1 rial for the same distance in the city. Omani taxis (white and orange cars) are driven only by local residents, they call on pedestrians with the help of beeps. “Taxi drivers” do not use meters, payment here is “by agreement”. The average fare per kilometer is 0.25-0.5 rials.

Near the entrance to the hotels are often on duty “taxi drivers” (if the hotel is located in the city). If you walk some distance from the hotel, you can find a taxi for a much lower cost.

To rent a car in Oman, you must have a credit card and an international driver’s license. In this case, the driver must be over 21 years old and have a driving experience of 1 year. Remember: in Oman, traffic is on the right side.

In the state, you must give way if someone is reversing or trying to leave the parking lot. On the tracks you can meet rare reckless drivers and lovers of “cutting”. However, in Oman, they are attentive to tourists driving a car they rented.

In the Sultanate, fines can be issued in cases where people in the car are not wearing seat belts, as well as when the driver exceeds the speed limit and uses a mobile phone. Serious punishment in the country threatens drivers who are in a state of intoxication.


Oman is one of the safest countries, the crime rate is extremely low. Even thefts are rare here, so you don’t have to worry about your pockets and things.


Vaccinations are not required before traveling to Oman, but you can get vaccinated against hematite A and typhoid. Drinking running water is allowed in the state, but you should protect yourself and consume, if possible, only bottled local mineral water, it is inexpensive.

The largest network of pharmacies in Oman is Muscat Pharmacy, which has branches in every corner of the Sultanate. There are also 24-hour pharmacies in the Muscat region.

Mains voltage

Mains voltage in Oman is 220 volts. Three-pin sockets are available here, so you need to purchase an adapter in advance, buy it on site or rent it for free at the hotel.


Tips in Oman are at the discretion of tourists, but usually guides, drivers, hotel staff expect them from foreigners. Elite restaurants include about 17% of the amount of service in the bill, but with quality service, you should leave a tip no more than 5-10% of the amount of your bill. Tipping is not required in a taxi (the cost is agreed in advance). In hotels, a local tax equal to 15% of this amount is added to the cost of all services. See liuxers for Oman customs and traditions.

Important Information about Oman