In a Farmhouse of The 1970s in Israel with Bright Colors and Details of Retro Style

There are houses that glad to see because they are correct in decoration and provide ideas on how to solve certain problems of space and lighting and others houses that directly fall in love and I have no doubt that the photos in this article is the latter.

It is of in the 1970s restored house in Israel by Raanan Stern. The House is full of light and color and keeps some retro-style details that remind us that housing has its origin several decades ago, I do not there is stay that does not like me, but the best thing is that you see it full so you can judge for yourselves.

Upon entering the House with common areas. The living room and the kitchen and the dining room have direct access from the outside after crossing a wide porch. The seating area is located at the beginning with a big brown couch, a striking design in yellow seat separates the working area and the other side we find the cuisine which highlights the color green.

In the photo above you can see the kitchen from another perspective and the entrance and watched from the kitchen living room sofa. The combination of colors is not simple, but is very well balanced, the surface has been analyzed to be covered in each color and white combines with the grey, natural wood and the bright colours in specific areas.

The white tiles with joints in black placed in diagonal arrangement and furniture combined with natural wood green, they are really adorable. Is a boring combination, perhaps within a time might get tired or bored, but that now looks really great and provides in part that desired retro style.

In the bathroom the chosen color, instead of the Green, is blue and in the House there are many other details in bright colours as the retro style in red and yellow lamps in the dining area, whose detail we can see in the picture above.

Soils with hexagonal tiles in the bathroom, the white-painted brick walls, natural wooden in some parts of the ceiling beams are just some of the fantastic details that offers this as well combined housing and that mix modern style, retro and the industrial, getting a set of the most comfortable.

Somehow it seems a House of fairytale, magic or toy because it is all so colourful and beautiful, But however if you look well we see that it is a fully functional home with all the well conditioned spaces to develop in them the tasks which have been arranged.