Incredible Swedish House in White, Black, Grey and Pink, with All The “Must Have” of East Winter

I know that I am very enamoradiza, in decoration, so many things, I like from the more sober, the more ridiculous, or an intermediate as it is the case of this amazing Swedish House in white, black, grey and pink, with all the must have for this winter.

Despite its sober tones and its minimalism of lines the apartment is cozy and comfortable, and despite having shades of roses and furniture padding of clothing not cloying nor is nothing cheesy, the interior designers of Fantastic Frank have been able to find the perfect balance between the masculine and the feminine.

Cushioned furniture

In this House There are almost all the must have of this autumn/winter, for example using furniture lights lined fabric. They have gradually been introduced textiles in furniture inspired by the interior design of the 40, 50 and 60 years. There are many interior designers who use this material for your furniture as you can be Jaime Hayón or the Bouroullec brothers.

In this House we are an mural geometrizado of the Bouroullec brothers made in felt, and some auxiliary cushioned furniture, as the gray chest of drawers or cupboard in pink, one for the living room and the other for the dining room.

Classics of industrial design

Whatever your decorative style and the trend of the moment, There must always be some classic industrial design, they are timeless and versatile, never go out of fashion and are suited to any decor.

In this case choose by the well-known and used super Chair Eames designed by the Eames couple in black color to dress your dining room. If you want to go further you can put any classical piece redesigned or reinterpreted, as which they saw in reinventing the Eames chairs.


USA large carpets of diamonds to cover soils, and delineate areas, recently highlighted these pieces in rhombuses in white and black carpets, a must have for the winter season.


Wood is the protagonist of this decade, Everyone loves and the usa, craftsmen, industrialists and users. In styles more minimalist as it is the case in this House, that used it extra light shades in the soil, or as a detail on a lot of auxiliary and accessories furniture scattered throughout the House, bar stools, cutting boards,…


Stools are obliged to use in a House who wants to dress up with the latest, can be solid and rustic, painted in vivid colors or natural, also can be elegant and sophisticated. Mix together different style stools, I recommend the versatile stool Flip Around by Norm Architects.

White mosaic

These classic tile spoke does nothing in would like to know what is the mosaic of fashion for your bathroom or kitchen, and how to apply it?, where had its new uses and designs.

In this House we see a very good example of how to use them in the bathroom, they are decided by a tile almost square covering all walls including the tub, thus integrating all the elements and create a lookbook very strong, the soil finished it in marble. It is very beautiful, but it is also extremely very cold, may have heating and then be compensated.

An open kitchen

Put an open, spacious kitchen, a dream kitchen is another basic, must have large countertops, large appliances, a center island where to work comfortably, with good lighting and be able to enjoy the company of your loved ones sitting on stools around it.

Look at this beautiful example in white and black and white mosaic that leave us my colleagues in a House with a view: an idea that is simple and very original for kitchen lighting.

The black and white

This colour combination is a classic of contemporary design that we have seen in plenty of apartments, we’ve even seen it in children’s bedrooms and on all occasions we see that it is not a combination cold and impersonal, but on the contrary.


Using art as a decorative element is another basic in the decoration of your home, in this case we see different pieces very simple but compelling, as the feet of stone, the geometrical figure of wood in a showcase of the box type Antonio Saura in the Studio or salon.

I recommend a post that I wrote on the blog Trendencias Lifestyle of this House where I tell you how to start making your own art collection: five parts to give them Christmas to a lover of art.

Child’s bedroom with personality

A the bedroom of this House have been given a more comfortable appearance as the rest of the House, so they have given more prominence to color and textiles, it seems to me one decision more successful taking into account that it is the space where one should feel more comfortable.

But in a House that boasts the child’s bedroom should be a space character and full of creativity, This House could not be less and so they have done. By far it is the bedroom more colorful, and full of life.

I would highlight the pink tipi where safe kid’s dream and play for a while. If you want to succeed with your sons advise minimalist collection of children’s furniture In Luona de el arquitecto Takkunen.

The personal touch

As it should be finally put your personal touch, in this case the understated but chic range of colors gives the personal touch, Thanks to the color pink. Others filled the House of graphic posters, or use textiles with geometric patterns, used fur from sheep’s wool, or a more jazzy range.

In any case You must find a balance and harmony you do what you do, to thus be able to feel always comfortable in your home, and in this case they have succeeded far beyond, have been able to give his point for each space.