Interior Bookmarked: The Most Beautiful Wall Calendars 2017

There was a time, because I came out safely without calendar, because my head to a data-Super brain mutated, that purely missed nothing: no birthday, no retreat, no dates, and also no deadlines. If someone asked me which event was when or when we where dating were, I had the answer at hand.

That changed however suddenly in my pregnancy: my head calendar was sketchy and so incorrectly, so that Nike and I ever knocked on doors, to be set a date, in the adoption of fixed, while we had missed us my assertions not only during the day and at the time, but also in the place. And it grew on my crap. Nike so not sometime to an ordnungsliebenden people would be mutated, had pulled the organizational ripcord and insisted on a joint calendar of JW, I would probably still think today was Tuesday, and our girls night would do the same. 

Since then I have not only a private calendar, but also one for the work and for the family, after all I can say for now no longer any just so crazy invitations, but must first look whether the Herzjunge at all at home is to be for Wilma since. A virtual calendar together with iCloud update gives so long ago. But one is missing the for the cuisine, spontaneous ideas and plans, just one that documented the kuddelige side of life, so far. That should change now finally time for 2017. And this time am I early enough it before others again all snapped away can the most beautiful me under the noses.

And decorate because wall calendar has long been our walls over a large area, are even more design as practical and there is a different model for each need, may be for 2017 like several wall calendar for the various rooms. Finally to the planned holiday against flashing me already now nice present from all sides and frittered under any circumstances, not true.

Favorites for at home:

Snug. Studio-snug. Toyblocks wall calendar 2017-pink cut screen shot to 2016-10-17 13.11.51 snug-Studio-snug-vertical wall calendar 2017-cut wandsticker-calendar free

because pink and pink are so beautiful in the duo: the Snug.Studio – snug.toyblocks wall calendars 2017
the tear bar model of hay – for countdowns.
Between writing and for worms: Snug.Studio – snug.vertical wall calendars 2017
on the self-adhesive vinyl wall sticker calendar by ferm living is no post it vanished.

Even more calendar for in-between doodle, to document living and because is nice:

human empire season calendar
the classic” Stendig calendar via Rikiki shop.
Wall calendars 2017 SNUG. COLUMN in pink & pink.
A little marble compliant? Of jute bags.
Black/White calendar from Bob and uncle for adhesive dots.
Poster Calendar A2 with small icons.
Black/White calendar with watercolors.
Yellow point comma stroke calendar (more colors are here).
DIN A3 wall calendars as self-made.
Family calendar by Anny who.
ZweitausendSiebzehn calendar type hype.
Urban design, calendar “BLACK EDITION”, perennial.
Edition ij HIPSTORY calendar 2017.
Janine summer bird calendar 2017.
rikiki year calendar 2017 – neon coral.
Studio una wall calendar.
Melike wall calendar „ what’s on this month”
type hype calendar with illustrations.