Interior The Most Beautiful Plaids, Quilts & Cosy Ceiling

I like ceiling. You can not Yes also don’t like ceiling basically. They donate warmth and give security, that is great only if you fluff and the lint in the nose hole sucked be like dust mice in the cleaner hose, then if they stick there then, and also on the oily chips fingers, then are ceilings not more great, but very annoying. Otherwise really only advantages and above all good arguments for a ceiling purchase think after careful consideration. For me personally, this project pushes even a little, I suffer from the Netflix-ice foot syndrome. Now I stare for about a year but constantly between two models back and forth, both have done to hard it me and I’m just about to leave someone else, possibly the man, this decision: black and white plus pompoms or rather the earthy left alternative from overseas?

I know only one thing: could I again start from scratch, I would definitely win the country house style and henceforth eat fruit gums in the floral Royal flowers quilt.

Blanket pink / / anthropology
flowers quilt / / PIP Studio
mohair ceiling / / district six (fair trade)
blanket with floral print / / Zara home
antique rose quilt / / Zara home
Virgin wool Plaid / / via Westwing now
Blue day corner / / bung
grey ceiling remix / / FERM living
Pom Pom ceiling / / Majorel
cream-colored rug / / H & M home
Herringbone Plaid / / Arctic