Interior Wish List Investment Pieces With Art By Conny Maier, Plexiglass & Gold

I remained for years on the question after my favorite artist mute, nowadays threatened almost to drown in new discoveries, from which in the end not much more remains as a nervous getting in the digital Notepad, because you could not even remember its name. Conny Maier, that’s different. Her exhibition of COKE stuck me like a color-giant dagger into the memory FIRST and drilled into it immediately in my heart. Since it is clear: should my collection of true painting ever once actually fall two from a lone specimen on the whole, it will be a genuine guy. Studio visits are welcome, by the way, maybe we meet us there.

So that the thing with the joyful wish fulfillment would be but for the time being ticked off, but if a little dreaming at this point may be permitted, I would have there three, four, five-wide ideas for small to medium-sized investment in eternity. As a carpet around wouldn’t be a bad idea and also the Plexiglas trio up there me throws back in the parental living room of nursery best girlfriend Leonie, every other side table can slip me currently confidently down the hump. Oh, and came with a miniature Edition of the iconic Panthella recently even the Danish luminaire manufacturer Louis Poulsen lamp around the corner. The colors for this selected date from Verner Panton’s last project before his death in 1998, the exhibition ‘Light and colors. You Red nine. But soon is already Christmas:

Image / / drink for the first time a COKE from CONNY MAIER

carpet / / Jo
side table / / boconcept
scented candle / / AMBRE OTTOMAN from RPL COPENHAGEN
Watch / / boconcept