Interview With Diptyque CEO Fabienne Mauny Where Does The Scented Candles Hype & How Are The Prices?

Our Scalamari Jane has already experienced a very intense encounter with the currently most gehyptesten scented candle of the world and thus became the fig tree fan – despite hipster product stamp in the blink of an eye by the anti-girl. I’m talking so of course from the Apple Cinnamon version from the drugstore market, although those certainly have their charms, no, there is talk of Diptyque. Most of you is the iconic glass with the dancing letters determined length known. Last week anyway, the brand celebrated an olfactory opening in Berlin. Of course I’ve played little mouse this evening, to find out: Warumwiesoweshalb of the hype? And the sometimes powerful price? And much, much more.

I don’t even knew what actually awaits me as I made up on the way through the wet streets of Frederick Grove to the West. But once arrived, devoured me abandoned gardens of sprouting wild roses, fused with each other juicy berries, flowers, dry wood and arms of Berlin Linden dancing in the wind. But now I’m just short: immediately I met namely on the Diptyque mother, who is also CEO of the company, and was able to be honest don’t even stop to listen to their stories about the world of fragrances. We chatted so about God and the world, but also about whether even candles must follow certain trends, how you can best care for these treasures and noted at the end also: actually everyone should really set up candles in his personal Palace.

{On 35 square metres its doors into a world full of Diptyque opened Bazar of Kurfürstendamm 193 chic’esquer memories and precious moments.} Already when entering the door threshold, all the exquisite smells into the realm of Diptyque – suck me a mix of style, soul, and character of each individual perfumes, each scented candle, each object and each Balsam. Slowly, I understand that you can expire all this here. It is luxury, of course. But also a balm for the soul. }

The store seems like a small treasure chest. They discovered small items from the past at every corner. That’s what like in a fairy tale, in another country, Oh I say, in another time!

Yes, for the opening we wanted to make love to something very special, because it is a big deal for us of course, to open the first Diptyque store in Germany. Ultimately we the people take the world to the Diptyque, although many people know already the candles, but especially in Germany the wonderful story behind the brand not many know. Our decor is to tell this story, and here we have gone one step further. We show the roots of the brand, Diptyque really stands. When we open a new store, we want the atmosphere of our Saint Germain getting a bit boutique, the spirit, in a new location – and we have tried that.

{The French label started in 1961 as a business model of three friends for art wallpaper and furnishings. They wanted to develop just something beautiful, a place where people could buy great scents, where they would feel welcome and inspiration might be. They have developed Diptyque always to their liking, after their curiosity for the influences they experienced on their travels. At the beginning, it was a concept store in the truest sense, even before the word existed concept store at all. {Christiane Gautrot was interior designer, Desmond Knox-leet was a painter and Yves Coueslant Tehater Director director and set designer}

Interior design and scented candles are so terribly in vogue at the moment, since the timing for the new store is precisely correct.

Yeah, the candles are of course our legendärstes product. But Diptyque is actually a perfume House and thus we are concerned not only the candles. But clearly, the candles are known worldwide and are definitely the best viewed (laughs). Here in Germany we want to bring love to closer our customers of scented candles, compared to other countries it is probably still not as popular. This is the purpose of a fabulous place to leave, the entire range of our products our customers explore the whole world of Diptyque also somehow. We have probably 50 different fragrances by the way, here in the shop, so you can enjoy really – we have great florals, great Woody scents, green, herbal scents, sweet, hot. Actually, there is everything, according to taste, season and mood, can create great combinations.

Why are candles became because such a huge trend?

I think, to light a candle is just something magical. You want to relax in the moment, feel good, comfortable. The light in combination with the scent makes lot of sense – it is an art of living, which is gaining more and more popularity. You can take each candle, light it, and at that moment, the moment becomes something special. You’ve got the light, the heat, a small moment of happiness. In this crazy world we live in, people need just sometimes a moment for themselves, to experience something so beautiful, no noise, easy to relax. And when you have such a variety of scents available, you can choose really exactly the, you prefer has, every day someone else, if you like that. A scent can change the feel of your entire home, smell is such an emotional sense. Ultimately, new, you can create your home, when you’re traveling, as long you have the same scent in. Smell is the sense of memories, he will put you back in time.

Which fragrances are at the moment because most “in vogue” and which will be 2017? Follow candle of about certain trends?

We ignore trends. No, of course we know it, because this is important. But the kind of fragrances at Diptyque are developed, has been always been another. Here fragrances are designed just for their spirit for the memories that provoked them, for the travel, from which they originated. Diptyque’s founders developed fragrances for themselves simply because they wanted to transform the beautiful moments of your life in perfumes.

If we wish to develop a fragrance today, let’s not the last market study and think “Oh, that we haven’t yet let’s do that sometimes, after all others have this fragrance”, nothing for us is simple. We don’t see a trend and adapt us, we want to be honest in our creation of perfumes. We want to keep the authenticity, which had been the founders of Diptyque, as they have developed their own creations. So the trends on the market for us are of course interesting, but we want to defy keep our tradition.

Which fragrance is your opinion of thethyroid aroma of Diptyque, the “signature scent”?

The probably most famous scent is Baies – an incredible fragrance, a blend of Bulgarian rose and blackcurrant leaves and absolutely unmistakable for Diptyque. Figuie is, of course, fig, which is reminiscent of a summer in Greece. The three founders have packed then a box with memories from their Greece-summer, with stones and other memories, that they wanted to – take home and it was also a fig leaf. Closing the box and forgot that she existed. When they opened the box again then after many months, the scent was just amazing. Diptyque was actually the first Parfumhaus, which proposed such a cowardly note, and many more followed. But back to the topic: other, other, but nevertheless unmistakable Diptyque’s Feu de Bois, so fire scent complete. These three are probably our most popular fragrances.

Are there any more such stories?

Baies has also a really beautiful story behind the development: one of the founders of Diptyque was already mentioned Englishman, a painter. One day he was with a friend of his in the garden in England. And they decided without another reason some roses from the garden, along with some leaves of black currant. Those two scents, randomly mixed, revealed as a green and yet floral scent, with an impressive balance between the rose and leaves. Here again shows the that the founders of Diptyque were even not perfumers, but just took things from their journeys, and of their experiences, which they found beautiful – they brought it in a perfumery and said “I have a rose, I have a journal, I like the fragrance, the two in combination result you can develop a perfume as me?”. This is also a reason why so many natural inspirations behind the Diptyque products are available.

Like you tell me again just what exactly does Diptyque so unique and it stands out from other brands?

Our brand is our history for freedom. Freedom by trends, by industry, of what’s hot at the moment. At the same time, Diptyque was at first very innovative – we were about the first, planned the scented candles, the first with a fig fragrance, for example. Diptyque was 1968 even the first House, which launched a unisex fragrance, at a time that was anything but popular. I still don’t know whether Diptyque is really different than other brands, but we don’t just do things because we want to try something new. We follow our instincts, even still, are not marketing driven. We want to create simply beautiful and still they do, perhaps with more freedoms than other homes on the market have.

And what was your first ever fragrance? What scents still remember your childhood?

I was raised on the Mediterranean Sea – so I have many memories of the garden of my parents. I have a special relationship with the fig fragrance, because it reflects my entire youth and the summer for me with my family on the Mediterranean Sea. Every island there has so many fig trees and it’s so awesome: you’re just running and suddenly you meant this incredible fragrance in the nose – the easy warm weather which best moments in life, simply enjoy the life for me.

We had also a Linden tree at night always so gorgeous smelled, then Jasmine from the bushes in the garden – all of this reminds me of my childhood.

Hand on heart: how many candles you are yourself at home?

I have now no whole store at home, but almost! I’m burning off various fragrances, my personal taste is a blend of floral and spicy, and I just like to experiment with different scents. And although I though no Palace, I like it very much to have different scents in the different rooms. In the living room I want something else after all as in my work room and then I need candles to mask the smell in the kitchen. Candles have also a practical aspect, Thé, for example, is a wonderful spicy fragrance that is perfect to get cold smoke coming out of an apartment. And there are even customers who buy several candles for the various dishes, which they plan to Cook!

In the fashion industry, there is often a collection of samples that fail to sell, you have something called “show pieces”?

We have not the same model as the fashion industry, we have no runway collection for example, which no one buys or bears. But we have our own couture collection, per se. The 34 collection is typically a couture collection, which we share with our boutiques. These are in very low quantity and therefore not for the normal distribution, you can not buy online they, or at other retailers. This collection is for us as a laboratory of kind of, here we have even more freedom to create things, even in a small Edition – just because we find it beautiful. This year we have developed, for example, a textile collection, with an exclusive Eau de Parfum and colorful candles.

To be honest, $50 for a candle are not just little. You can give me something the production process explain, where are these costs?

Of course, 46 euro, 50 euro are by no means little, we understand. But with a Diptyquekerze you spend more than 60 hours and if you treat the candle well, hold the wick short and really make sure that she will be treated with sufficient care, you’ve got up to the last little wax some of your candle. Yes – the price. The production of such a candle takes at least two days. There are 12 manual steps that play into it. Each candle is tested, the wax is controlled to secure optimum interaction with the fragrance. In the perfume itself are so many natural ingredients, that sometimes even something vary the fragrance. With the weather conditions do, flowers can then change their scent. This means that we every time, when we get a new perfume, agree that with the wax. There are many steps, until a candle which actually is what it is, and to achieve the quality that we strive for.

The wick is manually fixed in the glass, then the wax comes, and of course we then have to ensure that the surface is smooth. This is the product you ultimately think in your hands, is not only a candle, but created with much love and with high quality.

Now, you could say it’s just a candle. And many people underestimate the product, they think that it takes the perfume concentrate, mixes in the wax and you’re done. It was at Diptyque never so we spend months to ensure that we have just the right amount of perfume in a candle. In our office in Berlin, we actually have areas in which we burn candles simply for hours let to see how the scent develops. Some scents are never appear in a candle as they should, Orange, for example, or generally citrus scents. These, simply not consistent quality can be guaranteed during the entire burn process – and this is something that is dear to us.

How to maintain precious candles so, that to really get the most out of their out?

For example, you should go safely, if you burn a candle for the first time, that the wick is really centered and evenly burns the candle, that the entire surface is melted. Two hours should be so always burn a candle for the first kindling. And then keep an eye on it throw that the wick is not too long, then the candle Burns cleaner. And never the candle with swing to blow out, especially if it is completely melted.

Tell me, what smells actually Paris for you?

The smell that I associate most with Paris, is the cafe. Not Cafés like coffee, but Cafés like the Cafés, the places. Of course you can find cafés, in every town in every country but in Paris the smell of coffee, croissants, are together just something special – everything, that’s Paris.

And what smells like Berlin?

Berlin is such a green city, I was already a few times here. Have so many green areas, so do I connect the city with trees, with the Canal, which runs through the city, where you can cycle. We have actually made June in Berlin for Berlin – it smells like Linden, trees and Berlin!

Merci, Fabienne Mauny – for this nice conversation and for your time.