Luminosity and Spaciousness in a Barn Converted into a Housing

We often come across incredible transformations in the world of architecture and decoration that leave us completely surprised, as it is the case of this bright and spacious barn converted into housing.

Even if we assume that a barn is usually an enclosure with few internal divisions, to convert it into housing you can choose to make more divisions, but in this case it has been decided take advantage of this breadth and keep it in the new House. A success, in our opinion.
Undoubtedly what most draws the attention of this barn converted into a dwelling are the white wooden ceilings, as well as the big beams that run through them. An interesting touch to remember the origin of the House and maintain its essence in some way.

The cement floors have its defenders and its detractors – like almost everything – but we must recognize that in this case was a success covering all soils with this material, since it brings cleanliness to the set and enhances the feeling of spaciousness.

And precisely that breadth has been what we loved this home, accompanied by no doubt one incredible natural light that it bathes everything, through the numerous windows that populate the walls.

Decoratively also seems interesting style in white and black that has been generally given to housing, and that we are not lovers of this combination. Perhaps the trick has been to drizzle it all with interesting details, such as light bulbs in the ceiling of the Hall, that they make as a giant lamp, and whose lighting should be, how much less, striking.

We find a dividing wall between the living area and the dining room, but on which you have installed a glass window. Seems a great idea, so we have two separate environments, but that they share entry light and visual amplitude.

The kitchen is the only space in which we find a striking splash of color, specifically a yellow mustard that combines great with black furniture which consists of the. Perhaps it would have been interesting to give him a few meters more, but still seems to us that the result of the kitchen is also very nice.