MBA in the USA Part I

The USA is not only a fascinating travel destination, it also offers almost unlimited possibilities when it comes to studying. The large number of excellent universities makes the United States the most popular country for international students to study abroad. Thousands of young people are drawn to North America every year for an MBA in particular.

Advantages of an MBA in the USA

The USA is considered to be the cradle of the MBA. The Master of Business Administration has now been around there for around 100 years. So it’s no wonder that US universities set the tone when it comes to management education.

But apart from the long tradition, there are numerous other reasons for doing the MBA in the USA:

  • Earning a Prestigious Degree: According to MBA rankings, MBA programs in the USA are among the best in the world
  • Improved networking opportunities through large alumni networks at many US universities
  • International curricula and a high proportion of international lecturers
  • High practical relevance (many lecturers with top positions in business)
  • High average salaries for MBA graduates
  • Often internships at large US companies during your studies
  • Improved entry opportunities in the North American job market

Structure and content of the MBAs in the USA

The classic MBA in the USA lasts two years, one year longer than European MBA programs. Usually these are full-time programs and at most universities they are divided into two parts.

The first study phase serves general management knowledge (General Management) from fields such as business administration, marketing or finance and accounting to convey. In the second phase of the MBA there is usually a large number of elective courses from which the students can freely choose and thus set priorities. You can choose from sectors such as the health sector or individual work areas such as e-commerce or international business.

The ratio of compulsory and elective courses differs from MBA to MBA and from university to university. In some degree programs, participants have the option of completing an internship between the study phases and thus coming into contact with potential employers.

The aim of the MBA programs in the USA is to provide students with specialist economic knowledge as well as management skills and elementary soft skills. At American business schools, great value is placed on practical and compact training. During the MBA course, the participants learn to solve tasks under time pressure and to work out solutions for real case studies in a team. The course is usually tightly organized in terms of time and content.

Variants of the MBA in the USA

In recent years, shorter study programs with a less extensive program have increasingly emerged parallel to the classic MBA programs. They usually last between 12 and 18 months. The participants acquire general management knowledge in a condensed form and do not complete an internship during their studies.

In addition, there is a special opportunity for working people to apply for a part-time MBA in the USA. Learn more about USA and North America on homosociety. The course usually takes between three and seven years to complete. In some cases, it is also possible to acquire the MBA in a distance learning course. Important note: Since an F1 visa is tied to full-time study in the USA, it is important to clarify in advance to what extent it is possible to take part in a part-time MBA.

Many US universities also offer what is known as an Executive MBA, or EMBA for short. They are aimed specifically at managers with several years of professional experience. The EMBA is intended to make it possible to practice the profession parallel to studying, which is why it is mostly part-time programs. The courses take place in the evenings or on weekends.

Quality of MBA Programs in USA

Official accreditation is a decisive feature of the quality of the MBA program in the USA. This is intended to ensure that the course content, the teaching staff and the study programs meet certain standards.

The accreditation decides whether the MBA acquired in the USA is internationally recognized. It should be noted that not all accreditation institutions are equivalent and are recognized by the German Ministry of Culture. The world’s largest and most important government-recognized accreditation agency for MBA programs in the United States is the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

Eligibility criteria for the US MBA

Classically, the MBA was aimed at graduates of non-economics subjects who wanted to acquire extensive business knowledge. However, many economists are now also opting for an MBA in the United States in the hope of advancing their careers. In order to acquire the coveted degree, however, you first need a confirmation from the university of your choice. The following entry requirements usually apply to MBA programs in the USA:

  • First degree (Bachelor) and good grade point average
  • Several years of professional experience, especially for an EMBA
  • Good test results in the General Management Admission Test (GMAT)
  • Reference letters
  • Good knowledge of English, proven by a standardized language test such as the IELTS or TOEFL

The US bachelor’s degree typically takes four, not three, years to complete. Therefore, in case of doubt, the US universities check whether the achievements in the first degree qualify for participation in the MBA program.

As part of the application process, some universities also require one or more application essays in which applicants should convincingly explain their motivation for studying for an MBA in the USA. Certain stylistic and formal criteria have to be taken into account.

MBA in the USA Part I