Minimalism in The Rehabilitation of Housing of The 19th Century in Braga

The rehabilitation of a House that has more than one hundred years of history It is a complicated task which should always seek the balance between maintaining the essence of the building and renewing everything necessary to adapt housing to the needs and trends of today.

The architect Tiago do Vale has succeeded in This House of Braga in Portugal, which you can see in the photo above. It’s a three-storey building of the 19th century, which, after the reform, has become a current minimalist home in the heart of the city.

In the building you can see the influence that had Brazilian culture in the 19th century Portuguese architecture. It is a building of narrow proportions with tall windows and the roofs are sloped. Taking into account the historical interest of the building, the architect wanted to keep their identity but at the same time tried to give more light and turn it into a more functional space.

In the lower area we have common areas and the degree of intimacy increases as we go up the stairs. For achieve greater clarity in the housing the spaces have been opened and a great prominence is given to white color. Although in work zones is contrasted with the darker tones of the furniture.

The work area We can see in the photo above is sensational. Few can count in-house on a nearly complete office due to lack of space. Spacious tables, comfortable chairs and a large storage space, as we can see in the photo above is the dream of many of those who have to do part or all of their work from home.

The kitchen that includes the area of Dining room, stands out like the rest of the House, by the predominance of the color white which combined with natural wood floor provides a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

In the photo above you can see bathroom made completely of marble. It is very elegant, although I must admit that for my taste a little color is missing. Is in line with the rest of the House, but even to my white like me, it is true that I like most in the areas in which combined with wood or other color elements.

And we finished our tour of this House in the bedroom at the top the House, one of the most special and most spectacular House. I bet not you have imagined it you as well to see the first photo of the restored facade of the 19th century, I also.

It is very curious to see the contrast between the style of the facade and the color that has been used to paint, with minimalist interior and in neutral colors with the interior. However, despite the different styles, is precisely this contrast provides the balance sought between tradition and modernity.