Modern Floor Coverings for the Whole Apartment

PVC, carpet, natural stone or bamboo: you have numerous options when it comes to the floor design in your home. There is something for everyone in the wide range of modern floor coverings – both for people on a small budget and for those who are only satisfied with the highest quality products. In this article we will tell you which floor coverings are best suited for the living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Also see modern wall clocks.

An overview of the most popular modern floor coverings

No floor covering combines all good properties in itself – so it’s always about what suits you and your home: Are warm feet and a comfortable living atmosphere important to you or do you prefer something a little cooler and sterile but easy to care for? Do you value ecological floor coverings or should they be cheap above all? This overview will help you get a feel for the different modern floor coverings:

Linoleum and PVC

The popular and inexpensive PVC floors (also vinyl floors) are easy to lay and clean. Since they are also non-slip and moisture-resistant, these modern floor coverings go very well in the kitchen or in the bathroom. On the other hand, linoleum, which consists of cork and linseed oil, is similarly easy to clean, but does not tolerate moisture well and is therefore more suitable for living rooms and hallways.

Modern Floor Coverings for the Whole Apartment

However, the following applies to both linoleum and PVC: Both floor coverings are very sensitive to pressure. So if you put heavy furniture like sofas or cupboards on it, it should be left there if possible so that no imprints are visible.

Parquet and laminate

Parquet is a very high-quality, durable natural product. It is thermally insulating and creates a warm, homely atmosphere. Therefore, this modern floor covering is ideal for the bedroom or for the living room. Laminate is a cheaper variant, which can also come up with a great wood look. As a practical click laminate, it is also relatively easy to lay.

Like parquet, laminate is sensitive to moisture – both therefore do not belong in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

Tile, stone and marble

Tiles are the classic and at the same time modern floor covering for bathrooms and outdoor areas. They are versatile, easy to clean and go well with the luxury of underfloor heating. Natural stone is even more valuable – but not easy to place. Thanks to its durability and the truly exceptional look, it increases the value of a home significantly, but can be prone to scratches. Marble goes one step further in terms of high quality, but it also weighs on the wallet accordingly.

All three floor coverings look modern, but also quite cool, which is why they are less suitable for the bedroom or living room.

Eco-friendly modern floor coverings

Sustainability is becoming more and more important to many people. All the better that there are now floor coverings that are produced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. A favorite is cork , which is light, elastic and warming and is therefore really good as a modern floor covering in the living room or in the bedroom. However, cork does not tolerate moisture and can fade over time in constant sunlight.

Another eco-friendly alternative is bamboo. This is not only a good choice from an ecological point of view, but also extremely robust and therefore perfect for families with romping children.

Carpeted floor

Carpets can be a floor covering in their own right or in a smaller form placed on top of the existing floor. Carpets that cover the entire floor look wonderfully warm and homely and are therefore still one of the most popular modern floor coverings – especially in children’s rooms. However, they wear out quickly over time and it is extremely difficult to clean them thoroughly.

A compromise are carpet tiles, which are available in exciting patterns and colors. Due to their weight, these remain in the right place by themselves or are additionally glued. They help you to warm your feet and give you many creative design options – a nice choice for living rooms, bedrooms and hallways.

Did you find your favourite? Of course, modern floor coverings not only create a homely atmosphere in the home, but also outdoors. Take a look at our blog article about outdoor decking for balconies and terraces!