Modern Prefabricated Homes and Minimalist S-Archetype

The prefabricated houses they are an interesting alternative to the traditional housing model. Increasingly there are more models and better equipped, we can already choose from different styles and materials and there are some designs really modern and adapted to today’s decorative trends.

I have really enjoyed the proposals of S-Archetype, because they are not the typical rustic wooden houses designed for the field, but they have a more modern and minimalist design that makes you very attractive and original, another thing is that they will them you leave installed in a place with these views, that I see it more complicated.

The minimalism is a very appropriate decorative style for small spaces and so it fits perfectly with the concept of prefabricated House that tends to have small dimensions. These homes are actually resizable, can be adapted to the needs of the user and to the surface that will be installed, but they will never become very large.

In a prefabricated housing it is not suitable to recharge with too many ornaments or unnecessary items, must be limited to the basics and what is really essential to live, but without renouncing to comfort in the most important elements. A good bed, a comfortable seating area, a small kitchen and a toilet are more than enough.

To give a cheerful touch to the housing we can use the color. The pictures help a lot overlooking the sea which has housing, but although the views were other House would be just as convenient and practical. Wood and the yellow color provide the warmth needed to make more homey minimalist style.