My First Clock, a Clock Personalized with The Fingerprint and Photo of Your Baby

Lately it is fashionable save the footprint of hands or the foot of the baby, as I remember, and sets are marketed to those footprints on a framework for example. But it is the first time that I see a clock personalized with the footprint and the picture of the baby, “My first clock”.

It’s a design of Kidzzcast that combines a wall clock with the space to place a photo and the imprint of the hand or the baby foot. It is manufactured in two colours, lacquered in white or natural wood. Kidzzcast is a brand specialized in all kinds of moulds for traces of babies and pregnancy bellies.

The mechanism to achieve the small footprint is simple, the kit includes everything you need. We have model hypoallergenic dough by hand or baby foot, after washing to remove and just have to dry the dough until we can place it in the clock.

Watch My first clock personalized with the footprint and the baby photo It measures 35 x 35 cm and can be found online from 35 euros.