Natural Aromatizers: Learn to Use in Your Home

Natural flavorings are great for times that the odors that bother you may be stronger. You can use it only on that day when something burned and smelled strongly in the kitchen. Or to relieve the lack of air circulation in winter when we close the windows further.

Natural Aromatizers Learn to Use in Your Home

In this article you learn more about natural flavors, how to use them not only to enhance the smell, but also to decorate. Learn how to make some flavorings, and cool, let go of your creativity.

Natural Aromatizers in Decoration

If you do fondly they can look gorgeous in the decor of your home. This in any room. It could be in the kitchen, in the garden, in the living room. There are no restrictions. Just put your creativity to work and have fun.

You can use that little glass pot of some finished product. Also worth investing if you want and buy pots according to your taste. Ribbons attached to the pot can also make you more charming. And those who get excited can buy shelves to put the flavors where they want.

Do aromatics attract good energies?

It has been scientifically proven that aromas stir with human memory and emotions. So it goes without saying that that friend who filled the house with flavors to attract good energy is “traveling.”

Chinese Feng Shui traditions claim that aromas can bring different results. Cinnamon can whet the appetite and stimulate dialogue and happiness, while the orange relaxes and calms. Mint attracts peace and comfort while eucalyptus improves concentration.

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How to choose the smells?

Faced with so much information, how to choose the scents you will use in your home can become a confusing decision. But it should not be, there are thousands of recipes, but ideally to prepare the natural flavors of your home, you take into account the aromas that you like.

Of course you can follow the recipes you want or what Feng Shui says. But the cool thing is to do something that pleases you and make you feel that the house has more and more your face. It is no use to use cinnamon just because they say it attracts happiness if you detest the smell. You will attract more happiness with an aroma that pleases you more.

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Lemon and rosemary

Very simple recipe. Simply place the lemon in slices along with the rosemary inside a glass jar with water. Leave the pot where you most want it to have the aroma.

A variation of this recipe is made with fire and should not be done by children and adolescents. If you have one of those ceramic fondue appliances, simply place the pot with lemon slices, rosemary, apple slices and hot water (not boiled) on top of the appliance.

Then light the candle, leave the pot open and warm the scent as it spreads. Remember to put out the candle if you go out. It is not worth leaving that flavoring with the candle accessed if you are not in the room to avoid accidents.

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And especially, be careful with children and animals. So nobody gets hurt. If you think some accident might happen, opt for a simpler, non-fire flavoring.

Orange, mint and cinnamon

Another simple recipe of natural flavorings. Put water in the pot with orange slices, a piece of cinnamon and the mint. Put as much as enough to fill your pot.

Then just place in the place of the house you want to aromatize and let the scent spread. Who likes essential oils can also use them in recipes. Use your creativity and leave your home with the smell you want.