Natural Wood and White on The Reform of a House of The 19th Century in a Coruna

Antique floors have great charm and often are those that are located in the area in which the many want to live, but are often poorly distributed and need a good reform. This was what happened to the floor of A Coruña that, already renovated, you can see the pictures of this article.

It is a floor in a building of end of the 19th century, that is one of the most central streets of the city. But as happens many times with the story of that time, it is very long and was divided into a lot of very small rooms. So the idea was from the very beginning pull partitions and redistribute with open spaces and well connected. Even with a budget reduced, the result achieved by the Study of architecture Sinaldaba It’s great.

To one side of the House now the commonspace, which is used for the life of the day, which includes the living room and dining room kitchen. When there is plenty of space is a very practical solution the include the three environments in the same space, in addition so facilitates the free movement of natural light.

On the other side of the House we are with the bedroom always need a greater intimacy. Natural wood is one of the protagonists of this apartment after the Reformation, all SEPTA and separations are made with it, this brings great warmth to the environment and combines all the elements that you want to decorate.

To separate the common area of the bedroom there is a small Hall, which includes the bathroom and a study / work area, that we see in the photo above and I love it. Yet while this area of work in place, is located so that the user can isolate it environment to concentrate when developing their tasks.

The white color used to make light, with some of the walls that were of stone and soil have painted. Although I’ve always had my doubts about the durability of wooden floors painted in white, the truth is that I love. I guess everything will give a hand painting of review from time to time and also in soil so all carpets are an ideal way.

As regards furniture, many of them are recycled, in an old apartment with a reform of this style recycled furniture fit in perfectly and cheaper costs. After investing in a House, having to assume the expense of reform often is a problem and everything is to achieve a good result in a cheaper way is welcome.

On the floor are other elements such as the kitchen countertop in which the white tiles have been changed by the steel, which gives a touch of industrial-style and light bulbs to view which provide artificial lighting required without using any type of lamp. I don’t know what opinaréis you, because I will say, but my love.