Open House: a House with History and a Fantastic Terrace in Dorset, England

I love the beautiful houses and I love even more when they are restored old houses which have an interesting story behind them. Today is one wonderful House overlooking the Bay from the seaside town of Swanage in Dorset in the United Kingdom.

The House had been a former fish market and even for some time was a lemonade factory. It is of built in 1850 that is therefore more than a century and a half of history locked within its walls and which now has become a dream home, especially for this time of summer and holiday.

I must admit that mainly I have fallen in love with the terrace, the terrace is something that only you can enjoy good weather, but that although few, gives us such good times, that are always worth. Also in this case it is a large and well furnished terrace in which we can even receive visits.

I love the terrace lots of details, as well as the views of course, the contrast of Woods on the ground, plant fibers of the seats, white textiles that are filled with life with the cheerful cushions ready and floral print. It is a terrace full of life and colour that invites you to enjoy a wonderful weekend of summer, if I could already I would have teleported.

Once inside is very interesting detail of the boat converted into a table, There is another larger table that takes the place of dining table, which is made with the boat is rather a kind of bar, breakfast, fast food or drink with friends.

The House is situated near the sea and is for this reason that its interior is closely related to the world sailor, already had said earlier that in another time in the House had a fish market and many of their furniture pay homage to that condition and that is another thing that I love, that the House has not forgotten its origins and its history.

The hammock in the classroom, the rocking chairs, fireplace… Everything is designed for relaxation and rest, that said that the House is perfect for the holiday season. Well, it’s really ideal for year-round, because even when one has to go to work and left little time for leisure, thanks spend their spare time in a so great as this place.

In addition, although the building is very old and are preserved on the walls and ground some of its original materials, has been perfectly restored and has also furniture and modern accessories contrasting old and making space in a perfectly functional housing.