Print Look At The Magazine: In The First Numero Berlin

A little bit crazy it must be also a little megalomaniac. With security but you have for a mammoth project of this magnitude can bring so much passion and transferred to others so much passion, that this dream is not unfulfilled, while midway through the rest of the world but have confuses shook his head. The speech is off us miss magazine, intersection and Numero Hommes editor and Mastermind Gotz Offergeld, which has once again made it together with his team, the spot to impress. In our hands we hold today that terribly with proud his newest, truly great Printwerk: the very first Numero Berlin. 620 pages full of obsession with detail, photo galleries to the framing, women, which we absolutely must know, full of fashion, art, culture, and Germany cover glue between six different covers of Toni Garrn on Nadja Auermann to Lina Hoss.

Numéro Berlin brings the off one rocker Publisher this month an internationally known magazine after Germany, which forces us to the table not just indiscriminately through the 620 pages and demands instead of full attention. It looks like a catalog, we value every individual page, because it puts more on the German market previously to us to amaze as long as no other work. Numero Berlin is more than just a magazine, it is a tribute to Germany, its culture, its landscape and its mode(MACHER*innen). It is a book to collect and repeatedly in the hand take. A Visual Feast filled with clever words, stunning photographs, and personalities to the exact look, with an international claim, this same quality and very much subtlety. And we just looked today that’s right for you. This is not merely a first look in the very first issue of Numero Berlin, that is here is a buy recommendation by heart. Who has long predicted print, which may themselves once again by the contrary here and now. Bittschon:

Numéro Berlin we recommend for you by the way a small time window in the calendar to the be undisturbed. Or just more, to always look back. We have not dared: to bend small donkey ears in the beautiful pages of the first edition and turned us instead once extensively through all pages of the magazine (or we can agree on the book? To reforest catalog is namely not meet one this Numéro). But don’t worry: We here never tell everything, but have out picked for you just a few parent topics. You must make yourself the great, wonderful rest.

What awaits you?

Mode product pages, not just striking drop in the eye, but carefully chosen and artfully photographed were. We can’t find the appropriate information on each product in the corner of squat at the edge of the page, but come roaring at the bottom of the page. Among them: Not just the eternal pabulum from same labels and brands, to discover and listen to.

An editorial with Nadja Auermann and her most sensual facial expressions: times foggy and Misty, simultaneously raw and unpretentiously.

Office looks different times:

Toni Garrn, like us they actually have never seen – and the slips for Numéro Berlin in an entirely new role: between 90s glamour girl and obscene beauty at home:

Germany in autumn: Why drag in foreign climes, if it can be here yet so exciting for an editorial? With the great Lina Hoss passed the team of cemeteries of typical German facades, climbed on monuments or photographed on the Lake.

Pages to the Rau tearing, moods to hang and photo spreads, which prefers just-want-framed: radical, unadulterated, of life and of art.

On page 372, the paper is suddenly rough and harder, to the elaborately staged images texts that are so great room, join that reads the eye itself and so the spirit must come. He’s there once, we even notice that we are entering the magazine the art part. Joachim Bessing ushers with his ironic clues about the German woman, before the magazine in ten photo galleries and ten texts reveals his heart and his soul, a portrait dedicated to clamp of the actress Barbara Sukowa Julia and the ten actresses of the future, German cinema before the camera “everything”.

The label bless and Ottolinger are ausgiebigst under the microscope and taken to the four-page interview with Margit j. Mayer (formerly Harper ’ s Bazaar) and Angelica Blechschmidt (formerly vogue Germany) Tacheles is talking about the German vogue, Jil Sander, images of women and self-confidence in fashion magazines. Our German blast export model, Heidi compares Klum and Claudia Schiffer, on Instagram, to determine, that they do not compare. So much first of all: Who made more Selfies? Heidi, of course (with 204 in the Gegenzatz to 2 at Claudia).

Follow two very great work: a work exclusively for Numéro Germany photographer ROE Ethridge, who examined, how deep the digital life and consumption already has invaded our lives. Matching waiting for us a short story: “particles on the screen”. On the other hand “Being Werner Heisenberg”, forged in the Alicja Kwade manuscript of German physics legend Werner Heisenberg and the question is, what happens when it turns into someone else.

Still not enough of Germany? Then maybe your heart beats at “butterflies swooping” once again higher:

10 commandments by Aino Laberenz:

Germany – under the pavement, the beach is

more Numero Berlin – also in English:

chapeau. Chapeau. Chapeau!
And for six euros, the piece is yours. To buy at your kiosk of trust, in the book and station trading, at Soto Berlin, Colette, soda, or do you Read me?