Protagonist of The Reformation of This Apartment in Viet Nam

Today, housing a modern apartment located in Viet Nam, It is these homes that while watching the images you can well imagine how are its inhabitants. On this floor with 3 bedrooms, have carried out a stunning transformation of the space, which has gone from the typical social housing in the area where it is located (hence the doubts of owners before you buy) to a floor spacious, functional, modern and very central.
With decoration of straight lines, based on white and fresh touches of color, the authentic protagonists of the House are tiles that have been placed in different places. Strategically, they give light and colour to decoration, and connect the different spaces of the House.

To get the large open central space around which revolves the entire floor, they eliminated one of the rooms. Thus, they could leave a large living room (with a sofa with “L”), an open kitchen with office and a terrace area, which have incorporated, and it has become completely habitable meters throughout the year.
If something stands out this floor, also by the brightly decorated and modern touch in its entirety. The twin lamps, one illuminating the dining area, and one on the side of the sofa, are details of the decor at low prices, but that make the difference by design contributing to the whole.

The centerpiece of the open area of the being, is without doubt, the furniture from television around which revolves the space. It’s great that a House will provide inspiration on elements that we all have at home, such as a television, and that we don’t normally see in magazines and publications. All have a TV… where do we put it?

Original, built-in, bright and with that distinctive detail of hydraulic tiles. East Unit (and also with storage) is a very good idea if we want to have it all well kept and without losing the aesthetics.

The kitchen, like the rest of the furniture in the living area, is designed to be fully integrated in the decoration. Simple, smooth and without mouldings, white tone, and stainless steel appliances, doors do contribute and add points to this functional decoration.

The rooms of the House, is dominated by the same line of the rest of the dwelling: white in color, clean and functional design in furniture, and touch protagonist for hydraulic tiles. The yellow would be one of the colors to highlight: Chair Eames, in that color, is perfect as a complement to the desktop.
A curiosity is that before, this type of tiles was considered in this country, we say that… “for people without resources”, and was only used in the most humble homes. Today, again totally in fashion (here also we love) and, as we see everywhere, you can use almost any examples.

If we look at this last view, the truth is that the Repeat the motive of the mosaic in the Hall, While you can get tired, the truth is that as decoration have ceased it to be so sober, it gives a bit of life to the House… do not you think?As I said at the beginning, this House has undergone a profound reform. It has become a warm home for a couple and their child and grandparents. However, you have also some images of how it was before (I particularly I think it is always important to provide this type of ‘tests’, because they make much more real and everything that we see in the magazines).In addition, was presented to the customer a series of infographics, totally faithful to the final project, that ultimately it managed to convince him that that would be the perfect home for the family. This type of 3D so realistic, although they represent an investment for architects and designers (they are expensive because they have many hours of work behind) get that spaces come alive and people to see (or not) in them.