Proyectissimo 2014 Already Have Winners: and The Award for The Best Reform of Spain Is to…

Throughout the month of August professionals of the works and the reforms they have been presenting their projects to participate in Proyectissimo 2014, Habitissimo contest to select the best reform of Spain. They arose a total of 34 projects of which 7 were pre-selected to be voted by the jury, which I had the honour of being a part. The decision was complicated because had much quality in every project, but finally we have winners.

First Prize: comprehensive reform of housing in Les Corts, Barcelona by Grup de Reformes

In the image above you can see part of the winning project. The winner of the first prize of Proyectissimo 2014 It has been the comprehensive reform of housing in Barcelona made by Sergi Pons Grup de Reformes. In this reform an apartment of 19th-century initially full of walls and an outdated distribution, became a modern open space and very charming.

Outstanding elements of this reform are wooden beams and stone walls originals that are visible and keep the essence of the old. In the modern the central white cube which are kitchen and bathroom and around which revolves the rest of the apartment. A reform very welcoming and inspiring that it has resulted in a contrast of styles, cutting-edge apartment.

Second Prize: transformation of an office in a loft in Madrid by Queen La Obrera

We continue with the second prize of Proyectissimo 2014 that is the transformation of an office, located in a building that was once an ice factory, in a loft in Madrid by Queen La Obrera. The owner wanted an industrial style loft, but which are not particularly cold. Neither more nor less than 180 square meters and 4 meters high make up this particular housing.

The loft consists of living room, kitchen and study in the same space and an eventual room which can also be incorporated into this separate a sliding gate reminiscent of an old factory door. On the other hand they are the master bedroom with dressing room and bathroom and a bathroom and guests as well as the laundry area, these are the most private rooms.

Third Prize: La Belle Epoque by HR study

And we ended up with the third prize of Proyectissimo 2014 which has a so lovely as his style name, is called La Belle Époque, and is a project by HR study. In this case it’s a stately home which combines classic elements with other more modern, to get a warm and friendly atmosphere.

In this case we must emphasize the library, in the photo above, which is the nerve center of the House and a wonderful place where the disconnect and contrast with the very practical and functional kitchen, articulated around a central island and a very modern style.

Seeing the results of the awards, I guess that already you will do you an idea of that was the level and how difficult that was the choice of the best projects of reform of Spain. From here my congratulations to Habitissimo on the initiative of Proyectissimo 2014, the winners of course and in general to all participants who have made and presented excellent works.