Recicladecoracion: a Box of Fruit as a Rack for The Bathroom

The In addition to being a good and responsible practice eco-friendly recycling, is fashionable, if not it would have recycled things that would be used but would not be so at the sight, but is trend and why all kinds of objects are used to get others with that condition stays and decorate, pallets and fruit boxes they are among the most used.

Today I bring you another example of how we can tobenefit a fruit in wooden box some already are few, the process is simple and what you get is a shelf placed in the bathroom as you can see in the photo that begins this article on it we can put spare inter alia toilet paper rolls.

The material needed for this project includes the fruit box, one or more pieces of cardboard, scissors, glue and paint and then something to hang the rack. Firstly it must be thoroughly clean the box, but you can not paint it and if we do it will not be well, once we have the clean box cut carton tailored to make separations, will have to be measured to make sure that paper will fit in each place.

With separations made go back to remove everything and go painting by parties to the color of our choice, in this case the chosen tone has been a light gray, a color light will always be a success, if we chose a very intense tone perhaps too stand out from the tank, although that is as a personal choice, when we finish paint will set separations in place.

Once completed the project only missing place it on the wall at the chosen location therefore in this case it was the bathroom, but in reality this shelf could place in many parts of the housing, e.g. at the entrance to put the keys when we get home or In the kitchen Spice jars… each see what place that in your home is the most suitable.