Samsung Galaxy S5 Incorporates a Baby Crying Detector to Warn The Clock Gear

Technology doesn’t advance to make us, in theory, easier life. The mobiles, which once served not more than to call and send SMS, now they are real computers with camera with hundreds of utilities which, it must be said, do not always serve much.

One of the novelties of the new generation of Samsung Galaxy S, which is 5 and that will soon be on sale, is its ability to act as a warning that there is a baby who is crying. By activating the option “Baby Crying Detector” Mobile will send a signal to Samsung Galaxy Gear clock so that its owner knows that the baby is crying.

How the system works

Apparently they have included mobile detector crying baby which, by detecting the frequencies that a baby emits when it cries, provokes alarm in the clock. To do this the phone has to be there wherever you are baby and preferably at a distance close to metro. Mobile must be linked with the smartwatch (smart clock) and thus one will signal and the other receiver emitter.

Why seems a little useful function

And there it is, I think, the basis of the criticism of this function. The link between the mobile and the clock is done via Bluetooth, which has a range of about 10 metres. That makes that depending on which room you are, including walls, the link is lost.

Although well seen, this limit of 10 meters can be useful for the baby, since the adult who is in charge of the baby are not separate from him over that distance. And knowing this, I wonder: is it possible to not hear a baby crying when it is less than 10 meters?

I only think that could happen if we have a baby in another room and at a party next door, doing something that is very noisy or come with headphones. And in those cases, I or I tried to make a quieter celebration, or I’ve avoided the headphones, or I had the baby at all times front, to not leave the mobile next to the child and to do not fail to see you, that one never relies.

In any case, useful or not, is just a possibility that it offers mobile and I doubt that people decide for him to include this possibility.