Setup Costs When Moving: What Should You Expect

It is of course very difficult to give a flat rate for set-up costs. Because the furnishing costs for a house differ significantly from those for a small single apartment. Nevertheless, we will give you an orientation in this article so that you can better estimate your setup costs. You will also get tips on how to save on the costs of setting up and how to move particularly cheaply. To see high quality vinyl floor, please check listofledlights.

Before moving: Get an overview

If you’re not particularly experienced in moving, it’s easy to forget important details when moving. Therefore, moving companies offer free checklists that you can use to plan the move in advance and to get an overview of the furnishing costs for the apartment or house. As a digital variant, there is also various software and apps that you can use to plan your new facility and add up the costs.

To save on setup costs, you can make a list: what furniture is already there? Which ones do you definitely need to buy? What can you possibly get from friends or family? See below for more savings tips.

Costs When Moving

Moving cheaply: note these points

Moving can be almost as expensive as setting up. The following tips will help you move as cheaply as possible:

  • If you have a choice, move in the middle of the month. Most movers are less busy at this time and may offer you better rates.
  • Avoid paying double rent by talking to the previous and next tenants and both landlords. Transitions of a few days may be fine for all parties without having to pay a whole month of extra rent.
  • Get your deposit back as completely as possible. This will be refunded if you take on any cosmetic repairs that may be necessary in your old apartment yourself. With a little manual skill you can save a lot of money.
  • Choose a trustworthy shipping company for the move. Particularly cheap offers are sometimes linked to hidden costs. The online reviews give you a good overview.
  • Are you moving for work? Then you can at least partially deduct moving and set-up costs from your taxes.

Save on setup costs

Furnishing costs can be reduced if you either buy your furniture used or – in the case of new furniture – do not choose the most exclusive products. Even the costs for furnishing a new building do not have to go beyond all limits. Because even if you understandably want to use custom-made furniture for this, it does not have to be made by hand in the most expensive way. With our made- to-measure furniture, you can use the configurator to design your own furniture and still buy it cheaply.

If you don’t mind buying used furniture, it’s a way to significantly reduce your home furnishing costs. Painting a flea market table is often cheaper than buying a new one. In antique shops you will sometimes find attractive showcases or chic glass tables. Sometimes you can even take advantage of the somewhat worn look of old furniture: If you sand a bit here and paint a bit there, you can create beautiful chests of drawers or cupboards in a shabby chic style .

You can also reduce the furnishing costs for an apartment by making agreements with the previous and next tenants. They may be happy to take over some of your old furniture or give you some of theirs. This saves both sides costs for installation and disposal.

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to use your network. Many people have pieces of furniture that they actually no longer need for a long time. In this way, you can collect an entire apartment set with the lowest furnishing costs. Maybe there are even tradesmen among your friends who will do some moving work for you in exchange for pocket money or a delicious meal.

This way you can estimate the setup costs in advance

A clear overview prevents setup costs from getting out of hand. Of course, the cost of furnishing a family home is different than that of a two-bedroom apartment. Nevertheless, the following list gives you an orientation as to which furniture and equipment you need at least and what setup costs you can expect. You can easily research on the Internet how much the respective furniture – in your quality class – costs.

You usually need the following basic equipment:

  • Living room: sofa or armchair, possibly wall unit, TV cabinet, coffee table, possibly chest of drawers
  • Bedroom: bed (incl. slatted frame and mattress), wardrobe , bedside table, possibly shelves/sideboards
  • Kitchen (if no fitted kitchen is available) : hanging and base cabinets, fridge and freezer, stove, sink, possibly dining table
  • Bathroom: possibly washing machine/dryer, vanity unit under the sink, mirror cabinet , possibly shelves
  • also: possibly writing / work table, chairs, various Textiles such as carpets, curtains, etc., lamps (hanging and floor lamps)