Sherwin-Williams Elects to Your Color of 2014

Year after year, designers, architects and lovers of the universe of decoration are waiting forward to the announcement of the major brands of paint on which will be the “color of the year”. To get to the final verdict, there is a long road traveled. Professionals from different areas come together to study and consumption behaviors in the pursuit of tonality that is trend.

The Pantone, which whilst not being a brand of paint and a color system, is one of the most expected and followed to the letter by the decor professionals worldwide. For next year, the company bet in 8 categories with varying color tones, which can be applied in any room of the House. A group inspired by the world of technology and design blend, for example, emerald green, Orange, turquoise and purple. Another linked to fashion and Haute Couture combines the Red Dahlia, purple, green, amber, blue and magenta Corsica opaque.

Already the Sherwin-Williams elected as the great protagonist of 2014, Exclusive Plum, a kind of grayish purple, highlight of your brand new color chart. To compose the Colormix 2014, the brand was inspired by the Union of different elements of culture.
Composed of four categories: Substantiated, Diaphanous, curiosity and Intrinsic, the new palette is influenced by a variety of subjects, including: fashion, electronics, social media, new product innovations and the resumption of focus on culture and tradition.



The first category, well founded, is focused on neutral tones: warm and cold tones of gray, including glossy white and deep black. The term which gives its name to the collection refers to linear and geometric designs gifts in mathematics and in 3-D printing.

The Diaphanous category is composed of a group of soft hues, translucent feminine and delicate: pure beige tones that refer to cosmetics and Pearl. There is a spiritual element that went through all the influences.

Already the category presents intriguing Curiosity, fascinating, mysterious and deep tones, with an ethereal touch.
Finally, the Intrinsic category is based on the preservation of cultural traditions and crafts through the recovery of our ancestors, such as the handmade lace, embroidery, batik fabrics and wood notching.

The Exclusive Plum, for example, includes the category “curiosity” for being mysterious and profound. In addition, the color expressed the continuing trend toward the gray, with total look “fresh new”. Another interesting fact on coloring is that it can be gray or purple, depending on the environment in which it is inserted.

There is no doubt, decorations with taupe can be versatile and charming, being a modern option to black, white or beige.


Application of Exclusive Plum in living room


Purple or gray? Depending on your use, tom can have different characteristics