Sissi Bidet and Other Curious Parts at Roca Madrid Gallery

The bathroom. A historical retrospective is the name of the exhibition organized by rock to show the evolution of some of the pieces that make up the bathroom space and its importance in society, through an interesting educational trip since the beginning of the Neolithic era to the present day.

After having crossed the different rock Galleries in Barcelona, Lisbon and London will now be possible to enjoy the exhibition in Madrid, where it will be open until November 17. In it we see curious historical pieces as the Bidet Sissi (1887-1890) that we see in the image, a toilet bidet porcelain owned by the Empress Isabel de Wittelsbach found at his favorite residence, Achileon Castle in Corfu.

Equally striking seems the Library, a toilet 1800 room designed as a stack of books to be integrated in the furniture, the basin Carmen de 1946, manufactured by rock as representation and final consolidation of the use of the sanitary ware in Spain, or the Lorentina, toilet tank bass manufactured by the brand in the 1960s color porcelain.

The sample also highlights other current parts as the W + W, developed at the Roca Innovation Lab and designed by Gabriele & Oscar Buratti, which, as you know, merges wash basin and toilet in one piece and reused water to flush the toilet basin, thus reducing their consumption and optimizing the space.

The rock Galleries are part of the international strategy of rock and a concept that the brand wants to transmit their values, expressing the current reality and its challenges for the future. The Madrid, result of the collaboration with the study of architecture Lamela, was inaugurated in April 2011 and is a functional and flexible space in which the exposure of the product range shares space in a natural way with exhibitions, presentations, professional meetings and other events of interest.

If you don’t know it yet you can take this interesting historical retrospective on the bathroom to do so. It is in calle Jose Abascal, corner with Zurbano, and is open Monday to Saturday from 10.00 to 20.30. That Yes, closed in August, so o well you pass the coming week or you’ll have to wait until September.