Small and Cosy Apartment in White Wood and Hydraulic Tiles in Barcelona

In this small and cosy apartment in white wood and hydraulic tiles in Barcelona designed by the Interior Designer Katty Schiebeck, which we discussed not long ago in spectacular apartment in Passeig de Gràcia, Barcelona, we discover a beautiful and original way of using hydraulic tile and wood.

If a few weeks ago you showed in a selection of creative wooden flooring and hydraulic tile with different and imaginative ways of mixing hydraulic tile and wood to create beautiful floors, today I show you throughout an entire apartment, so you can see how it is applied in all environments.

In this case used the wood to make the perimeter of rooms, with wood slats paperback and the Center filled with hydraulic tile in shades of red and green, but as we saw in a classic floor of Barcelona’s Eixample transformed into a cosy wooden loft, in some areas to dispense with the tile and use only wood, as they do in the classroom, where they seek the maximum comfort.

Emphasizes the use of natural wood, almost always with a very rustic-looking but very simple and contemporary designs. Another comment space is the kitchen, is absolutely wonderful, so white, here Katty painted white wood floors, gives more feeling of spaciousness and makes it brighter. With so few square meters you get a spacious, bright, cosy and contemporary, congratulations for this beautiful design apartment.