Sofa Guide: Learn How To Take Care of The Mobile And Use It In Decorating

Here’s how to choose the best sofa for your home.

Sofa Guide Learn How To Take Care of The Mobile And Use It In Decorating
The sofa is an important part in the decoration of the living room. He needs to be comfortable, durable, have a suitable size and also combine with the environment. Zap magazine prepared a guide on how to choose the best sofa for your living room, as well as tips on how to clean it and make it more durable. Check below!

The sofa is a piece of furniture that doesn’t change with recurrence, so before purchasing a new one is necessary to evaluate some questions not to regret it after purchase. Choose where to position the piece is the first step.

Learn what to consider before choosing the couch for the living room.
How about optimize space and leave the more charming with a corner sofa? He joins these two functions and is a great alternative in decoration. Larger environments can receive pieces in darker colors. To the more compact rooms, are recommended clear and neutral options with backrest down, because they create a comfortable environment.

Let the leather sofa most elegant environment and is very durable. But few people know how to preserve leather sofa so that the material does not wear over time. You have to keep the leather well hydrated and stored correctly.

The play may have another function, especially in small environments, as apartments with films and kitnets. It is in these spaces that a versatile piece: a sofa bed. Even with little space, there are different options that can be used in decoration and let the environment more beautiful and creative. Learn how to choose the sofa bed.

There are couches for sale in luxury shops in the city of São Paulo that cost the price of a car.  The quality of the materials, the ergonomics and the name of who signs the piece are some of the elements that determine this value. See what are the 3 parts with values of popular cars.

If you want to save and leave the environment with a more rustic, how about investing in a pallet? The piece has a low cost and you can produce it. It can be used in the living room, on the balcony and even in the home-office. Watch the video and see how to make a pallet.

Accessories such as door-control and Cup holder make the TV show even better. See other items that can leave the couch with first-class comfort.

Not only live appearance a couch. The play builds up dust and dirt, especially in homes with children and pets. Therefore, it is necessary that it be cleaned properly. See what the frequency that this furniture and other items in the room need cleaning.

There are two padding techniques that are in evidence, the botonê and the capitonê. They were widely used during the mid-20 century and have similar visual. Understand what is and be inspired.

One piece as traditional as the couch came renewed with technological devices. It features USB input, iPhone charger and audio kit with bluetooth technology. See how are the smart mobile.