Solve Every Room Situation with Style

Too small, too big, too narrow or too sloping: every home has its own furnishing challenges. Custom-made furniture that adapts to any room situation is therefore the ideal approach to furnishing even complicated rooms. But you can do so much more! Because the efficient use of your living space is one thing. The fact that you feel really comfortable and at home in your own four walls is a question of style. We’ll tell you how to set up difficult rooms while maintaining your individual living style – or just discovering it. To see beautiful living decoration accessories, please check proindustrialfans.

Set up small rooms stylishly: ideas from cubism and scandi style

Small rooms present the challenge of accommodating all of your essential belongings without making the space feel crowded and cramped. One possibility for this room situation is to use the wall as storage space. Add hanging shelves and shelving cubes to save valuable floor space. When furnishing small rooms, you can orientate yourself stylistically on cubism: furniture is combined with one another according to the modular principle in order to bring an individual combination of storage space and shelves to the wall.

Another option is building up. Our furniture can be planned up to 2.75 meters high. However, it goes further up with an add -on cabinet, which is simply placed on top of the floor-standing cabinet without a plinth. If you don’t want to give away any space in a room, you shouldn’t forget the area above the door either: a wall cupboard will definitely fit here, in which bed linen can be stored, for example.

Extra tip for furnishing small rooms: rely on space-saving furniture such as chests of drawers and sideboards and bring lightness into the room with open shelves and glass elements.

The Scandinavian style offers another solution : for example, let a pinch of Scandinavia move into your home with the help of white lacquered frame fronts with clear glass panels. The combination of light wood and plain decors as well as light wall colors makes small rooms appear more open. Also work with mirrors or mirrored doors. These reflect the light and optically enlarge the room.

Solve Every Room Situation with Style

Modern minimalism in tubular spaces

Tubular rooms present a similar challenge to small rooms. These are not necessarily small, but they are narrow. This limits the options for placing large cabinets on the walls. Here it is advisable not to equip cupboards with classic revolving doors, but to rely on cupboards with sliding doors – this way the doors do not protrude into the room when opened.

As with the small room, it is also worth configuring high, narrow cabinets and shelves here. In addition, the room can be divided into different zones using room dividers , sliding doors or shelves. For example, a walk-in closet can be set up at the back of the room, which is separated from the rest of the room including the sleeping area.

Important: The separated area of ​​a tube-shaped room should be sufficiently illuminated by windows and/or artificial light sources.

You can find suitable inspiration for furnishing tubular rooms in the Scandinavian living style and in the Bauhaus style . These are known for minimalism and simplicity, which brings clarity to the room situation and creates structure. Sliding glass doors, shelves and chests of drawers in light plain decors or with super matt lacquered fronts are the ideal helpers for dividing a long, narrow room.

Multifunctional room situations: loft look or playful coziness?

Even large-scale room situations can be challenging. For example, if it is a living and dining area with a kitchen built as one large room. Here it makes sense to ensure clarity with a clever division. The kitchen can be separated from the living area by a sliding glass door. This does not prevent the view, but it does prevent the spread of odors – and at the same time reduces the noise level.

When furnishing large rooms, you can go in many different directions: With furniture in the Bauhaus style, you can give them a modern loft character. Wall units with matt lacquered fronts in black and gray look impressive and robust at the same time in combination with wood decors.

Furnish large rooms in boho or country style

under and more playful it becomes boho style. Here, pieces of furniture such as hanging shelves, showcases or chests of drawers are imaginatively thrown together in different materials and decors. Lacquered fronts in bright RAL colors and a colorful living area meet simple wood or plain decors. Plants, lamps, cushions, blankets and carpets in all shapes and colors should not be missing from this furnishing style. This brings cosiness and warmth into it – a very comfortable way of furnishing large rooms.

Do you have a large dining area with an open kitchen where you regularly gather family and friends? Then nothing looks more hospitable and comfortable than a country-style facility . A kitchen counter with a cream-colored or wooden framed front visually separates the cooking and dining areas from one another while still appearing open and communicative. A spacious dining table with comfortable upholstered chairs is complemented by showcases and sideboards in which the dishes can be stored. A friendly color palette, decorative details and playful decorative elements create cosiness in every square metre.

Tip: plan shelves without a back wall so as not to cover up colorful wallpaper.

In the country house and boho style, floral wallpaper or other eye-catching patterns belong on the wall. Luckily, the shelves can also be planned without a back wall – this way you can create storage space without blocking the view of the lovingly designed wallpaper. For example, combine floral wallpaper with furniture in light wood decors, or bring a piece of nature into your home with a green patterned wall and dark wood. But it also turns into an individual design the other way around: Lacquered fronts in eye-catching colors come into their own in front of a plain wall in white or cream.

Create elegant storage space in your duplex apartment

Apartments that extend over several floors are as coveted as they are challenging. On the one hand, the room situation enables a clear separation between living and sleeping areas and they look very chic. On the other hand, the staircase, which often takes up a considerable part of the living space, causes headaches when it comes to furnishing. How do you furnish such difficult rooms? One possible answer: make clever use of the space under the stairs – for example with sloping cupboards. Here you have the choice between cabinets with a simple slope, which is aligned to the left or right, and cabinets with a stepped slope. Those stair cupboards can be adjusted to the millimeter to the steps and your individual room situation, so that no space is wasted.

Which style you choose in your maisonette apartment is entirely up to your personal taste and of course also depends on the room situation. If, for example, there is a steel staircase in your home, the Bauhaus style is ideal, which underscores the loft look.

Maisonette apartments often include the attic and the floor below. Sometimes the upper floor is built like a gallery: the room is longer than it is wide and has many windows. A perfect glass world can be created in this spatial situation. Equip your stair cupboard with fronts with clear glass panels and pick up this look again in other rooms. In combination with the white living style , this creates a living space that is flooded with light, bright and spacious. And thanks to custom-made cupboards, you don’t give away any storage space even under the roof.

Solve Every Room Situation with Style