Spectacular Renovation of an Apartment of 35 Square Meters in Geneva

The architect of this custom spectacular and functional remodeling of an apartment of 35 square meters in Geneva It was clear, a space that would offer all the comforts and furniture that has a normal home within a limited size.

I.e., the customer wanted to have in a miniature Studio, a dining room, a lounge, a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom fully equipped and each with its own defined space. By asking that it is not, the surprising thing about the issue is that the architects made it.

Both materials and coatings and lighting and the color palette was vital to create ample space and a pleasant atmosphere. For this purpose they chose a proven, simple and neutral palette, a wooden floor with a layer of resin of dark blue color that gives comfort to the apartment, and all walls, along with a minimalist very indirect lighting.

The managers of the project are the Freaks Freearchitects study, who delimited the space into two halves, in two environments. The social and public part where we find the lounge and dining room, and the service area or private, so to speak, where to find the bathroom, the kitchen and the bedroom.

In the private area, right next to the bathroom, they put a large space dedicated to storage, a built-in wardrobe, which is concealed and integrated in the living room. Then comes the kitchen, even if it is open it is completely collected, it is a good idea for a small space, view all the items in one place is stifling, it gives you the feeling of being very small and enclosed.

They have been able to give a small hidden to each space site, They help of own furniture, most made to measure, to make divisions, closet, kitchen, dining table, sofa and bed. The bedroom comes to the kitchen, are separated only by a glass, which does not remove sensation of amplitude or natural light but separate spaces.

To create one’s own space without walls the nursery will help structure that raises the bed, giving the area its own entity. Although everything has its space and its divisions, one of the features of the apartment is its visual continuity achieved thanks to the white walls, ceilings and furniture.

The project budget amounted to 60,000 euros, a great price for a great apartment. Taking into account the fact that everything is new, bath and kitchen, two very expensive spaces, carpentry, the architectural project, work and furniture. I think that it is very tight.