Tips for Major Cleaning at Home

Spring Cleaning: Tips for Major Cleaning at Home


It’s that time again: the spring cleaning season has begun. Are you also one of those people who like to use spring for a big cleaning campaign? Or are you still missing a good plan to put your project into action? With our tips for spring cleaning, your home will shine in a new, fresh shine in no time at all. To see mdf wooden letters, please check proindustrialfans.

Preparation is everything: Make a spring cleaning checklist

… or just take this one:

Utils to-dos
· mop· dusters

· sponges

· microfiber towels

· wood oil or wax

· upholstery foam

· neutral detergent

· baking soda

· vinegar, citric acid

· feather duster

· vacuum cleaner bags

· Broom

· vacuum cleaner

· Window squeegees and, if necessary, leather cloths for windows

· furniture polish

· scouring milk

Step 1: Clean upStep 2: Clean textiles & upholstered furniture

Step 3: Clean wooden furniture

Step 4: Clean windows & curtains

Step 5: Clean floors

Step 6: Clean the kitchen

Step 7: Clean the bathroom

Step 8: Clean the hallway and entrance area

Step 1: Start your spring cleaning with tidying up

Before you swing the broom, you should first put things in order. Our spring cleaning tip no. 1: Clear away objects that are lying around or dispose of them entirely. Dirty laundry should be collected, placed in the laundry basket or directly into the washing machine. Of course, clean laundry belongs in the closet . Furniture that you no longer need should be sold, donated and, if necessary, disposed of.

A spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity for you to declutter properly. Check drawers, sideboards , dressers , and bookshelves. Is everything where it belongs? Do you still need all this? If you answered “no” to these questions, you should take action.

Tips for Major Cleaning at Home

Step 2: Clean textiles & upholstered furniture

The cleaning of textiles is one of the supreme disciplines in the field of house cleaning, because dirt and bacteria are particularly stubborn here. Which tools and technology you use for this depends on the type of surface. Here are some tips for your furniture spring cleaning:

Seat cushions and covers

Get a vacuum cleaner and vacuum the surface. If you cannot remove all dirt in this way, you should help with warm, distilled water. Particularly stubborn stains can be removed with a special upholstery foam or various home remedies.

Carpets and carpets

You can use a standard carpet cleaner to remove unpleasant odours, mold and bacteria. For deep-seated and heavy soiling, a vacuum cleaner or a special carpet cleaning machine must be used.

Leather sofas and leather armchairs

Dust and crumbs can be easily wiped off a smooth leather sofa with a dry duster. For a suede sofa , you should use a furniture brush or vacuum cleaner. Then you can wipe it off with a damp cloth. Our spring cleaning tip from the experts: Always use boiled or distilled water for cleaning to prevent limescale stains. Finally, remove any water residue with a dry cloth.
Note : Not every leather is washable with water! If the water soaks into the leather, you should avoid it completely. If, on the other hand, it forms small droplets on the surface, damp wiping is permitted.

Bedding and mattresses

First remove the bed linen and the mattress cover to wash everything at 60 °C in the washing machine. Thoroughly vacuum the mattress once with a vacuum cleaner fitted with an upholstery attachment. Unsightly residue can be removed with an enzyme-based stain remover.
Extra tip for spring cleaning : As a popular household remedy, baking soda is often used to remove stains. Spread the baking soda thinly over the surface, leave for a few hours, and finally remove with a vacuum cleaner.

Step 3: Clean wooden furniture

Your cupboards and shelves deserve a good treatment too. In order not to damage the wood during cleaning, you should know about the material. Solid wood or veneer? Lyed, oiled or painted? We show you the right cleaning methods for different surfaces.

Lyed and oiled surfaces

If your wooden furniture falls into this category, you can wipe it down with a damp cloth (not wet!) and remove stains with a neutral detergent. If the dirt is too stubborn, the surface must be sanded and then wiped off with a cloth. The affected area should then be re-oiled. It is generally advisable to treat oiled surfaces every few years.

Waxed surfaces

These should be dusted and wiped with a damp cloth once a week. Tip: Use your spring cleaning to not only clean your wooden furniture , but also to regrow it. To do this, clean the surface with a gentle neutral cleaner and then apply the natural wax. Wait a few minutes before removing the excess wax and buffing the surface.

Lacquered and glazed wood

Regular dusting and damp wiping is usually sufficient for weekly maintenance. However, more stubborn stains or scratches can also occur. In an emergency, the surface should be lightly sanded with fine sandpaper. Then repaint or reglaze and your wooden furniture will look like new. In your spring cleaning checklist, you can record all the furniture that you want to refurbish.

Step 4: Clean windows & curtains

It doesn’t matter whether it ‘s curtains or blinds : they also want to be cleaned in spring. You should take down the curtains and wash them. Slats and blinds are thoroughly dusted. Our tip for spring cleaning if you want to work particularly precisely: Don’t forget the window seals! Mold forms here over time, which you can get rid of with a special cleaner.

To give the windows a streak-free shine, soap them inside and out with a microfiber or viscose cloth and detergent. This can then be removed with a puller without leaving any streaks – simply pull down the pane in serpentine lines from left to right.

Step 5: Clean the floor

You have already found out how to clean carpets and carpets properly in step 2 of our spring cleaning tips. If your floor is smooth, i.e. covered with tiles or parquet, things are much easier: vacuum or sweep with a broom, wipe with a damp cloth and let dry. On to the next step of our checklist!

Step 6: Spring cleaning for the kitchen

There is a lot to do here. To make it easier for you to keep track of all your to-dos, we have put together a spring cleaning checklist for the kitchen:

  • Clear and clean kitchen cupboards and drawers
  • Place crockery and cutlery in the dishwasher or wash by hand
  • Clear and clean the refrigerator
  • Clean stove
  • Clean the oven
  • Clean the sink
  • Clean extractor hood & replace filter
  • Clean tables, tiles & work surfaces
  • Clean up the pantry
  • Clean the coffee maker, toaster, etc
  • Take away rubbish

Step 7: Clean the bathroom

Follow this bathroom checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything:

  • Check drugstore and cosmetic items and sort them out if necessary
  • Clean bath, shower, sink & toilet: Use light abrasives, sponges and rags
  • Wash or replace shower curtain
  • Descale fittings with vinegar or citric acid
  • Clean tiles & remove mold
  • Clean washing machine and dryer

Step 8: Clean the hallway and entrance area

Phew, you’ve almost made it: Now there’s only the hallway and entrance area, which you first go through with the vacuum cleaner. Then remove particularly stubborn dirt (thanks to shoes in the entrance area) with a cleaner. If there are mirrors or framed pictures hanging there, they should also be cleaned – you can follow our spring cleaning tips from step 4 for this.

Now it’s finally time for you to put your feet up and enjoy your sparkling clean apartment. Be proud of your work and recover from this effort. You deserve it!

Tips for Major Cleaning at Home