Stockholm Furniture Fair 2014: Understanding the Scandinavian Style of Decorating

During the first week of February, all eyes have turned to the most important Nordic design fair in the world. The facilities of the numerous studios in Stockholm Furniture Fair and Northern Light Fair (we’ve talked about her here) moved the fair with the novelties in furniture and lighting that will be present in the houses of the most attuned and passionate about decoration. In today’s post, we have selected some of the most interesting parts and that certainly will dictate tendency in this and next year. It is always valid to remember that the Scandinavian style is known for its simple forms, but that in no way leave something to be desired in terms of sophistication and elegance. And they were just these two adjectives that appeared in weight during the fair.

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The collective Swedish scored your fair debut with a series of architectural products made with building materials and which normally remain the shadows when it comes to design. Pettersson, John Lofgren and Petrus Palmer, the trio behind the brand, brought to Stockholm the better than functional parts are able to offer. Thermal and sound insulations were reconstructed as elements that can contribute to a sophisticated decor and smart. Wooden panels usually earn different finishes on their surfaces, but the BAUX expects architects and designers will create walls decorated using colored modular elements such as the brand creates from your unconventional raw material.




Matsuso T

In the collection of wooden furniture designed by Japanese designer Jim Kuramoto, what we see is to use a delicate Twining technique, widely used in shipbuilding and known as “kumiki”. Their curved shapes and geometric flow as supports for the padded seats and delicate, where each element contributes to provide a pleasant feeling of balance, both visually as structural.




Luca Nichetto and Mjölk

In one-man show at Gallery Mjolk, the Italian designer took the opportunity to present your beautiful colorful ceramic coffee set and wooden details of Canadian Maple. The mixture of materials did the idea of combining the modern ritual of passing coffee, recurring activity in several countries with the Scandinavian minimalist sophistication. Christened “Sucabaruca”, the project aims to involve people from different cultures and countries around a common passion: coffee, of course.



Cyber Vase

Created by German designer Hanne Cyber, Willman Vase is an interesting piece that shows the contrast between a delicate glass base and a robust concrete cover is made to support the stems of the flowers and keep the bouquet together any longer. To produce the piece, used a policoncreto compound, a combination of cement and binder that allows the part of vessel cement thinner, lighter skirt, having only five millimeters thick.

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